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  • timbo678


    Getting a ’52 plate VW caddy van for transporting my bikes, kit and as a general run around, anyone out there made any mods to make it ideal for camping/transporting bikes.

    Reckon its prob too short for me to sleep in, but ideal for everything else.



    Started life as a standard box van. Added second seats, bulkhead, windows. Dual purpose bike and band gear transporter. Love it!


    No pictures online, but I have a totally unmolested t4 swb caravelle, currently with the rear bench removed. You get carpets, door cards/trim etc, headlining, floor heater for the rear plus six fans in the ceiling, seatbelts, middle (but not rear) windows open. You can also fold down or remove the middle row of seets and then you have a t4 van with lots of windows and a tailgate. Fits five adults plus five xc bikes and all kit inside for a a weekend, and the severn bridge costs less than a van too. Doddle to insure as it is both unmodified and also a car not a van and so on databases of most major insurers.

    That said, when we can afford to we will probably sell it on and get a combi van with a plastic/ply boot area as ours is pretty much never clean inside!


    Cheers guys, think I’ll add a box for kit and tools and then some sort of rack for the bike so it’s solid

    I’d like to add a hose system of some sort but not sure it’s worth the hassle

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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