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  • Show me your bling watches cos it's Sunday and I'm bored
  • Come on, what have you all got on your wrists?

    Wow I haven’t seen one of them for a very long time

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Not too expensive & now with a proper strap, but worn daily & loved.


    This is my newest piece:

    Loving the tag, I’m currently winning a vintage one on the eBay at the moment. Needs a little bit of work but will be very nice after a service and a polish


    Good luck enduroforever you won’t regret it 🙂

    second one in take an hell of a hammering but holds up extremely well
    very reliable too

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Brakes. Is that one of those transforming watches?

    There is a transformers watch in eBay right now, a blue one

    Here is one of my fave watches bought for me by an ex girlfriend around 15 years ago. Probably gets worn once or twice a year


    My wife bought this for me last week for our anniversary. Very lucky I am too:

    Not especially “bling” at all but a lovely thing.


    On its way:

    Very nice. I like the wavey dial, looks similar to the omega seamaster


    I had a Seamaster before this: the CW is built every bit as well from what I’ve seen so far. Really like it.

    Here’s my fave divers watch. Fully polished around 6 months ago as I didn’t like the brushed outer links now just got a few light marks on the strap it could do with a light polish to get it back to perfect again

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    Brakes- I had that very watch! I never would of remembered that, must of been over 25 years ago!

    Premier Icon MussEd

    Throughout my life I’ve continually lost or broken watches, thought I’d go for a cheaper more replaceable number this time…I really didn’t realise this guy used to wear one


    I’m particularly pleased with this at the mo’:

    Casio F91W – terrorists favourite watch lol


    it’s not my watch, nor my feminine wrist.
    I did have one though, and wish I still did, it was possibly the greatest thing I have ever put on my wrist (avoiding any filthy anecdotes).
    was the blue one the Decepticon one?


    I think it was yea. I had the red one


    Not particularly bling but I like it.

    Untitled by monkeyfcuker, on Flickr

    The movement on this is outstanding… 06:30 in the morning!


    I was looking online for individual pictures of my two decent watches, and found one with both in the same picture. Omega Seamaster and a Breitling Superocean Steelfish. Currently have the Breitling on a brown leather strap which works really well, as mine has the blue dial.


    Here’s my four, in order of age, starting with my first proper grown-up watch, a Yema Rallygraf. French, mechanical, around ’72-73. Hadn’t worn it since the mid 80’s after I bought a TAG, but recently had it repaired and serviced:

    My TAG Series 1000, well-worn, as you can see:

    My Yokobies mod Seiko 5, with a Tissot bracelet that was originally on the Yema, also dating from the early Seventies

    And my Seiko SPORK, with ‘sharkskin mesh’ bracelet I got from eBay for $35, and which I’m wearing right now:


    My everyday watch is a Suunto Core all black

    My best is an Oris Williams team F1. Been faultless.

    I haven’t worn a watch for 30 years. I just don’t get wearing watches. The only watch I have ever owned and still have somewhere is one of these bad boys…


    I also have a Halios Laguna, niche boutique watch, but I loved the retro cushion case, internal bezel and dual crown, so had to buy one.


    My poshest watch:

    Though I have a thing for geek watches:


    Here’s my Baume and Mercier

    Premier Icon beej

    Not my pic. Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Magnate GMT. Good name.

    1 shed

    Just got a Ralf Tech WRX 2008 it’s mahoosive.


    d’oh … double post.

    See next thread. 🙁


    This is my daily watch now with everything I need in a watch like solar power, world time and atomic timekeeping.

    Casio G-Shock GWM5610-1

    Tech specs

    Mine is similar to the one on the right but I swapped the strap with the one on the left.

    I guess I will wearing this watch for a long time and the next one will probably be the same brand again, perhaps even the same look but super tough. 😀

    Premier Icon ben

    Submariner non date.


    Today’s ‘beater’, Patek 5711 Nautilus:

    Premier Icon twonks

    I have a thing for watches although can’t afford (justify) 4 figures on one.

    Fave at the moment is this Festina titanium doofer.

    Nearly 20 years old and still working well although the strap needs some attention.

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