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  • show me your 09 enduros!!!
  • No pics, but I have an 08 and adore it! The main difference in the newer ones is the fork (Which is outstanding on mine, but there you go!). They are superb handling, all rounders. Great bikes, which is why you see lots of them.

    My tips after getting a Spesh as it comes from them;
    Grips – Personal preference, but I swapped those straight away, without even trying them! ODI Intense LockOns for me.
    Saddle – Again, personal preference, changed mine to SDG Ti
    Bars – The Spesh bars are really very nice, but I found them too narrow for the speeds and situations that the Enduro allowed me to get in to. Ditch them and go wide!
    Tyres – Others love them, but I hated the Eskars mine came with. Ditched pronto for some German rubber-pimpery in the form of Rubber Queens. Big ones.

    They're great bikes, you'll not regret it!


    really thinking of purchasing one of these and would like to know what owners think of them!!

    model im looking at is the enduro sl comp.

    oh and pics please!!!




    I've got an 08 expert and would highly recommend trying to pick one of them up rather than an 09. They look far better with the dual crown forks.

    Had mine for 18months and had no real problems with it even though i've used it for everything including merida at selkirk, fort bill downhill, winter night riding and general 7stanes bashing. All of this with a rider who is on the chunky side of fat!

    Certainly living up to the "all mountain" category for me

    Sorry, only my '08 S-Works that I built/specced myself


    I bought the exact same bike several weeks ago and have not regretted it at all. After test riding a Stumpjumper and an FSR XC I went for the Enduro although going from a HT I was a tad concerned it would be really slow up hills, however I have found it to be quicker all round than my old bike and a much more enjoyable ride. Im XC racing on it next weekend and Im really looking forward to it.

    I say get one, it's a great bike.

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Another one here singing the praises of the E150 fork. I haen't had a single problem with mine in 18 months of ownership. I had mine TF tuned back in May and it is simply superb now. Super stiff and tracks incredibly well and the travel adjust makes it an awesome climber (if only I was too). The only time I struggle with it is on really tight switchbacks (Alpine stuff), when the triple clamps limit the turning circle. A mate rode a demo 09 Enduro at Brenin a few months ago and found the fork a bit flexy. Personally I would look to upgrade the fork on the 09 to a 36 float or Lyrik

    Got an 08 sworks frame in medium for sale in the classifieds if anyone's interested? cheap as well in fantastic condition as only a couple of months old.


    I've got an SL Pro which I've been pretty chuffed with. I have however added 09 RS Lyrik Coil U-Turn forks, 09 Fox RP23HV rear shock, and a 09 Roval Traversee wheelset and to be honest there is simply no way that the Specialized suspension is anywhere near as good as Rockshox and Fox stuff…

    I found that swapping the suspension has transformed the bike for the better. 8)

    I ride an 07 Enduro SL Expert, which has the same setup as the 08 and 09 models I believe. They've only just changed the frame design on the 2010 model which isn't yet available.

    From experience I love my Enduro to bits. It's an awesome all-rounder, amazing at climbing (surprisingly so) and fast and fun at descending. You can ride it all day long and it'll take the knocks.

    I know you're after loads of pictures, so you can find plenty of pictures and a mini review here on my blog, have a look at Images and Review: Specialized Enduro SL Expert


    Love them to bits

    Had one of the first 07's and then bought one of these last october as I went to a Heckler but it didnt tick the right boxes for me so I bought an cheap one of these;

    bought an 08 end of line s-works frame and fork (e150) with out a post. sold the frame form the expert for £600 so I had an s-works for £1550 then I ordered the traversee wheels from freeborn for £350. I have fitted a masterpiece post and XT Cassette carbon bar and less than 1950 have a top end bike that now costs a lot more by todays prices. It is my only bike tough yet light and all-dayer over Brechfas' man made & natural trails. Basic servicing of the fork is easy though the fork is due a major service, Neil at tf tuned is the e150 man there. I have condsidered the new 2010 Revelation 150mm u-turn maxle lite as a change

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