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  • Would that be 190mm i2i and 44mm stroke by any chance Ben? If so it works, very well.


    Aye is how I ran mine. Which is incidentally still for sale, with the shorter or longer shock option (or both if you prefer).

    would that be run in the fr or xc shock setting?

    Mine’s in the XC position, only half a degree steeper than standard shock in FR. BB just too low for me in FR (under 13″)


    Cheers for the comments DL, looking for something little less full on that the gemini.

    Spoon, I had one of those… I do love the design of both (or all three)

    DSC_0001" alt="" title="" class="bbcode-image" />[img]DSC_0003[/img]

    Now with spangly wheels 🙂

    What bars are they?

    Reverse DH, light for 710s


    posting out of fustration… had the bike couple of weeks now, but sent the shock off to be serviced and have now missed three weekend waiting for it back! Grrrr…

    DL your looks mighty fine, even lke those white bars (usually a no-no for me)

    Good to see a lefty, proper job that!


    I am thinking of getting a Prophet as my first FS. What do you guys think of them as an all rounder? I mainly do single track. With the odd 40mile XC nothing too extreme.

    I was looking at an 09 Prohet 2. What else for the same money do you think?



    recently built whilst i’ve been recovering from my broke wrist. Afan saturday for the christening 8)


    DL – yeah, it wasn’t what I was looking for (as I already have one) but the price was right and so far I’m struggling to justify changing it. Don’t think my riding will even justifies changing it for a while either…

    Al-London, I’ve not had mine long enough for any long term impressions, but I bought mine to extend my riding, as I already had a short travel full suss. The Prophet 2 is a great buy, but for your first full-susser it ‘maybe’ too much bike for pure XC rides, and put you off a full-susser due to it being more than the riding requires.
    I’d suggest that a shorter travel full suss might be a better introduction, something like the Rush, this is not complaint about the Prophet more about getting the right tool for the job.
    Anyways, feel free to ignore me!

Viewing 13 posts - 81 through 93 (of 93 total)

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