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  • spec/weight please

    Was discussing bike weights at the weekend – i reckon my large prophet weighs 31lb ish with decent kit on it.

    anyone care to share there specs and pics please

    Why dont you start the ball rolling with the spec of yours?

    ok seeing as you ask so nicely 🙂

    Large frame with rp23 shock
    Air 454 pikes
    pro2s/819 rims with xt cassette and bonty acx TR tyres
    Syncros bulk bar and 70mm AM stem
    Gravity dropper (with remote) and Fizik gobi saddle
    Lizard skins moab grips
    X9 rear mech and shifters with matchmakers and juicy 5s
    Xt front mech
    Time atac freeride pedals
    Race face evolve xc x type chainset and XT bb
    (think thats it)

    Coil shock replaced again with an rp23

    ’07 i thunk, fairly standard at the mo, XT/LX Lefty Max

    Mono M4’s should land any day now, Spesh BG saddle arrived today

    size and weight? /\

    Bathroom scale weight is 32lbs
    Medium frame MX2 with rp23 shock
    1.5 steerer Solo air lyriks
    Formula Hubs/819 rims & XT cassette (bolt thru rear)
    2.35 LUST tyres – Ignitor rear & High Roller front
    Race face Diabolus stem & Easton AM low rise bars, lock-ons
    Juicy 7 brakes – 203 & 180mm
    Xt front mech, X9 rear mech and X9/X.0 shifters
    SDG I beam post & Bel air saddle
    Wellgo B47pedals
    XT chainset – two rings & bash

    Old picture when it was pretty much standard spec.

    my 31lb is about right then 🙂

    I reckon. Would b e nice to get it lighter but not sure I can be arsed – would need to rebuld wheels with lighter hubs etc.

    How did you get on with the DHX on it? Might get a coil for trips abroad etc.

    racing_ralph – Member
    size and weight? /\

    medium, me holding bike on scales = 92kg, me minus bike = 80 kgs. therefore approx 26.5lbs ? not really scientific measurement i know. It has no brakes on it the mo tho, and the heavy old spds will be replaced with my new eggbeater c’s


    Mmmm Prophets:


    Hi Rob,

    Here’s mine don’t know how much it weighs though i do keep an eye on weight, but you can feel for yourself on saturday if you like! It’s a bit lighter than the pic as it’s got Crossmax XL’s on it.

    I’m liking yours on white though.

    goog see the dhx up there same way up :pwned:


    Please don’t talk about unsprung mass – it is the only way it’ll fit 😉

    this is the finish i was after goog


    swisstony…what headset are you using and do the fork adjusters hit the frame if the bars were to spin around? Cheers.

    Raw polished? Thats what my MX is

    its lovely! I may send mine to argos to work their magic


    No longer own it, but it was a cracking ride.

    whats the difference between a normal and an mx?

    Premier Icon Mal-ec

    Medium black Prophet, Hope pro II /DT tubeless rims (waiting to unpgrade my Maxxi HR + Advantage combo to Conti Rubber queens) Sram 9/XO drivetrain, Louise FR stoppers + pink Wotans up from. Can get it down to 32lbs ish which is fine as its a sh!t load of fun.

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    The MX has a 12mm bolt through rear axle.

    Premier Icon Stu_N

    Prophet MX1 frame (medium)
    DHX5.0 Air
    Fox Float 36RC2s
    Hope Bulbs on XM819 rims
    Maxxis Ignitor 2.35 LUSTs
    M970 XTR mechs, shifters, chainset
    Avid Juicy 7s with 203mm rotors
    Thompson seatpost (410mm Layback)
    Flite saddle
    RF Atlas Bars and Thompson X4 stem
    Ergon Grips
    Time Xen Carbon pedals

    Never weighed it, but if more than 30lb it’s not much more.

    As mentioned above the MX has a 12mm bolt thru rear axle and also a gussetted headtube so its warrantied for forks up to 160mm

    Premier Icon ton

    are prophets suitable for ton size blokes??

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    There is no difference in the head tube. See the picture above.


    My brother’s 2008 Prophet X has a gussetted headtube but a normal QR back end. If i’m not mistaken the gussett in the photo above starts at head tube and runs under the down tube to finish just to the left of the cable guides. Cannondale weld finish just means it doesn’t stand out.

    Premier Icon Stu_N

    There is a gusset under the downtube, linking to the headtube, on mine – you just can’t see it from that angle with that dodgy exposure. It always felt underforked with Pikes, reckon it will be well sweet with the 36s.

    You can see the gusset on bristolsurfer’s pic – runs from headtube to cable guide. It’s not massively obvious but it is there.

    could i get a new rear end?


    Despite riding a foes fxr 2.1 why do i still want a prophet? i’ve never even ridden one!


    Here’s mine:

    standard except for dx pedals, new fsa black seatpost, replaced as the white one flaked and a thomson stem.

    Weight? not a clue as I haven’t done the bathroom scales test yet.


    Can’t be arsed to type out the spec but here’s mine, or at least mine when I finish building it and pay for it….Gotta take off that gay chainstay protector for a start.

    It waaaaays 35lb according to the scales at work.


    Heres mine, now with thompson layback post and Pro2 wheels, not sure of weight but very similar to, if not the same as my previous Jekyll which was 28lb.

    Pace RC41 Fighters
    Thompson post
    XTR shifters
    XTR rear mech
    XT Front mech
    XT Brakes
    Mavic 819 rims
    Hope pro2 hubs
    FSA DH carbon bars
    Now Bonty Mud X tyres


    here it is… hopefully


    MattF, it’s a Hope reducer headset which i chose as it has a taller lower race to stop the dials fouling the downtube, I’m forever crossing up on massive hip jumps!

    As for the gusset on the MX’s, newer models have an external one, older ones internal.

    Walleater – ooh same as mine!

    I’d recommend getting that shock changed if you can – PUSHed RP23 was a major improvement.

    Premier Icon Stu_N

    Ace thread.

    Prophets rock, and while they aren’t pretty bikes they look so purposeful and ready to go.

    Premier Icon Baldysquirt

    I’m considering a prophet for the bike to work scheme in the office. How do the cheaper 2009 ones stack up? Am I correct in assuming that, because they all have a pike up front, that the biggest difference between the 1, 2 and 3 is weight rather than out right performance?

    if you can get a prophet 2 (2008) then you will not be disappointed

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