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  • Yeah it is tall. The frame was built for classics courses not GT riding, with Pozatto placing at Roubaix on one. Makes it very easy to ride for long periods on the drops, as well as allowing for a slammed stem πŸ™‚

    Absolute steal at Wiggle atm!

    Premier Icon njee20

    The right way being flat I assume?

    2mm spacer is well and good (why even bother with that?), but I think long head tubes look a bit daft.

    The 60cm Roubaix and things look mental, about a 12″ head tube!


    Always a thin spacer. Some stems will rub depending on the design of the top of the headset and where the flat part of the stem ends and the angled drop of the stem starts.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Nah, TSC has it right – slammed with a small spacer on top. I can accept a 2mm spacer if there is rubbing, but it’s not a given.


    Just for njee20, a 107mm head tube.

    Scrappy, bitsa build Dolan Track Champion. Used for training, longish rides, commuting and the track.

    You got some lower back flexibility going on there huws!

    Nice UCI legal flat tri bars though πŸ™‚



    Shortly to be stripped to build this..

    Premier Icon njee20

    Just for njee20, a 107mm head tube.

    **swoon** πŸ˜‰

    That is quite a position, lots of man points.

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    no pics as yet, but have a lovely MEKK Potenza 5.0 2013 on order πŸ˜€
    Managed to sell my medieval armour and stuff for WAY more than i though i would so have succumbed to budget creep πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Bought this in 2008, before the CR1 geometry was changed.

    Dark side by brf, on Flickr

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Not designed primarily as a roadbike but i’ll throw it in anyway as it is my roadbike/trailbike/big hill bike all rolled into one.

    Since fitted with a sensible 10* thomson stem and 20mm of headset spacers.


    That is quite a position, lots of man points.

    Can I spend them at a chiropractor? Please tell me I can?

    Premier Icon Normal Man

    I was once told that if you had a ‘Pinarello itch’ you wouldn’t stop till you scratched it so even though I still own my Tarmac Expert, when the opportunity arose to buy this, it was an scratch that had to happen:

    Dogma 2, DA Di2, C35’s, Pro finishing kit – you can spot the rest πŸ˜‰


    very similar to my off road bike

    on the road no mudguards though


    more head tube madness…

    2008 Pegoretti Marcelo 55*56, spec varies depending on what I’m doing but here set up for a Pyreneene granfondo so compact group, 24mm rims on Tune hubs, 7.2kg


    Audax (fast)/Winter bike: FM028 chinese carbon, rival/force, A23/SP Dynamo hub wheelset, custom carbon stayed mudguards. Love it because it was cheap, its unique and I did LEJOG on it.

    Audax (slow)/Touring: Salsa Casseroll 2012 frameset, Ultregra triple. Love it because it looks old skool.

    Sunday best: Scott CR1 SL frameset, Sram Red/Force, Soul S3.0 wheels, Cobalt 11 seatpost, Kalloy Uno stem, 3T carbon bars. Love it because its light and fast! 14.3lbs.


    2002 Santa Cruz Roadster, Campag 10S Record/Chorus mix, Ksyrium SLs, Easton carbon finishing kit. Built up for less than Β£1k.

    Love it? Climbs like a goat, handles brilliantly, but is still pretty comfortable – did 152 miles last night (Dunwich Dynamo), and felt like I could still carry on riding at the end. Looks great IMO too – properly compact frame!

    A lot of the bits are quite tired now, so I’m trying to decide whether to refurb it, or to swap for some more up to date bling. Of the bikes I’ve tried so far, I think I’ll be keeping it…


    Cube Peloton Pro by durhambiker, on Flickr

    Cube Peloton Pro, my first road bike, collected from the lbs yesterday. Starting to get interested in triathlons, having done a sprint distance earlier in the year, and the bike and run legs of an olympic distance at Ullswater last weekend. Been craving a road bike, so went for this one to get started.

    Love the looks, now just need to get used to riding it!


    Dan l’alps de Bolton

    A little bit of snow by Jon Wyatt, on Flickr

    Better picture. This was five minutes into the first ride in case the jaunty bar angle is bothering you. Set up properly now.

    roadlite 2 by Jon Wyatt, on Flickr


    1997? Lemond ive owned from new. Been loaned to a few folk over the years but I’ve recently started using it again for commuting… and it’s brilliant. 853 frame and original 8spd 105. It’s turning me into a Strava junkie as I’m hitting the local top tens with my old bike with mudguards… 😈

    the hustler

    Quintanaroo split r
    Mixed 105 ultegra group set with fsa finishing kit

    plus one

    Untitled by Plus one2010, on Flickr

    Awaiting dura ace 9000 groupset

    38mm carbon clinchers to go on..

    Why I love it ? Just cause !! πŸ™‚


    PX Team Alu, with Sora, fsa, fulcrum 5’s; a proper work horse.

    Bargain Scott CR1, with rival, RS80’s and red brakes. Light, direct and lovely!


    My 2005 Sworks, 105 Shimano wheels which have had it, need some money for some nice handbuilts.


    My Titus Solera. I just love this bike, it makes me feel good about riding !




    Very fast road.

    Mister P

    But now with Ultegra 11 speed and Shimano RS61 wheels. I have a bit of upgrade-itis so it rarely stays the same for more than a month.


    Anyone selling? I’m 6ft1 (GSOH)

    1994 Columbus steel lugged, all original – Fausto Coppi

    loving it


    1999 Raleigh 853. Made of Reynolds 853 and one of the last hand made frames out of the old RSP section in Nottingham.

    Ultegra chainset, carbon forks, Easton wheels.

    I love it because it is great fun to ride and because it has brought a new dimension to my cycling after 20 years of mtb only riding.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    DSC_0691 by ir_bandito, on Flickr

    Ok, its a ‘cross bike, built for Audax. But its got dropbars an’ stuff.

    And its going to get me from London to Edinburgh, and back to London between sunday and thursday next week.

    On One ti ‘cross frame, carbon forks, 105 transmission, SP PD-8 dyno hub, Novatch 711 rear hub, on Velocity A23 rims, R505 brakes with Ashima rotors.


    Van Nicolas Euros


    Mulletus, I’m very jealous of your Langster! So tempted to buy one of those myself if I can find one anywhere in the next few months..

    Premier Icon P20

    My Colnago C40. I bought sharpish when they put he tong price on it. Way better than I need, but I love it. These are its toned down colours (previously yellow tape and tyres)

    Colnago C40 by ritcheyp20, on Flickr

    Premier Icon H1ghland3r

    My old Airborne Zeppelin, recently replaced with something much blacker and more plastic, also nowhere near as nice to look at, hence my seeming reluctance to get my arse in gear and sell this one. πŸ™‚

    Ridiculously smooth running Mavic Cosmos wheels from not long after Mavic started selling wheelsets.!!
    9 spd Dura-Ace/Ultegra mix. Dura-Ace STI’s were ‘smuggled’ back from a holiday in the USA about 4 months before they were available in the UK. I spent about 3 days of the holiday trawling around every bike shop in Boston trying to find someone who had a set they would sell me.!!
    Decided to splash out and get a Campag Record headset once I realised that you couldn’t get 1″ headsets very easily anymore. That was about 9 years ago and the thing hasn’t needed touched since.. still smooth like hot buttered velvet..!! πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    My new Enigma Echo

    Enigma Echo Frame 53TT/48ST
    Easton EC90SL Fork
    Ultegra 6700 groupset
    Campagnolo Chainset
    Ultegra Carbon pedals
    Soul S2.0 Wheels
    Easton EC70/EA90 stem Bars and post
    SLR XP Saddle
    Conti GP400s Tyres

    Enigma Echo by eastham_david, on Flickr

    Enigma Echo by eastham_david, on Flickr

    Taken a few years ago now. I’ve lost the saddle bag, swapped for proper Look cleats and put a nicer CF bottle cage on it, but the rest is the same:
    Reynolds Solitude wheels
    SRAM Rival groupset
    3T finishing kit of various flavours
    Nothing special weight-wise, somewhere in the region of 17/18 lbs or so.

    Love it because:
    It cost me a lot less than it could have done
    It goes zoom
    It’s a thing of beauty

    Premier Icon thorpedo

    Litespeed Vortex with Campag Record 10 Speed – owned since new in about 2001.
    The only road bike I’ll ever need….. πŸ˜€


    Short of Dura Ace, the nicest Giant Defy you could ever want. Aero SLR wheels, K-edge mounts and a Stages Power crank. And for crashfest Cat4 duties, I have an Alloy TCR with Ksyrium Elite wheels and upgraded Ritchey WCS carbon forks and bars.

    They are set up the same, but the feel, rather than position, is quite different. Swapping the wheels makes four bikes. Plus my Kona Paddy Wagon for commuting.


    My Addict.

    I bought it when I thought my Dad was about to die, and presumed I’d get a wee bit of help to pay it off. He only bloody well survived, so I had to pay it off myself, much to his amusement.

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