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  • Shouting “Wooooooohhooooooo” down big hills?
  • Aleigh ,You really shouldn’t. . ..

    Me, I give it the Michael Jackson ” Hee Heeeeeeeee” on singletrack when caning it.,
    On downhills its more “oh my Gaaawwwwdddddddddd”


    I am scarred. I somehow managed to get from one of TJ’s youtube links to some mleher doing the “do you want the moobs now” rap thingy. You just can’t unsee some things.
    I whoop on some big (for me) drops. Knee deep steep virgin powder has been known to make me holler a bit too.


    I’m all in favour of a few whoops and monkey noises on the swoopy bits. And “kie ai”, karate/kung fu noises on the bits that require extra exurtion. Riding in total silence seems odd to me! 😛


    When excitement got the better of me (quite often!) i used to go for the Dukes of Hazard – “Yeeee Haaaawwww” (accompanied by a mental soundtrack of a V8 being caned), but the re-make sullied the memories of childhood and spoilt it for me……………………..


    Well I am a screamer……….what’s wrong with that?! 😉


    I go “Yo Mama” when something goes right, gawd knows why…Perhaps Ive been in California too long!


    I go weeeeeeeeee!!!!
    I think it’s having kids that’s done it.


    What’s wrong with you people? 😯

    The only noises I might make downhilling is “oof” as I fall off, then “****” when I realise I’ve broken yet another limb. 🙄

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Only once did I actually properly whoop involuntarily on a downhill. Where? Why, the truly fabulous Brechfa Red, of course! To be precise, that great big chute on the final descent. Oh my word I didn’t know what to do with all that grin factor that afternoon 🙂

    I kept hearing whooping noises from the forest that day – I assume it was other folk on the same bit.

    As far as other noises are concerned, I am quite vocal when things get hairy. The air is pretty blue when on the very edge of control. By comparison one of my mates never says anything until he’s REALLY in trouble, so when you hear swearing you know something bad is maybe about to happen.


    I use mutter “this is going to hurt” or something along those lines.

    We do use a weeeeeeeeeeeeee rating for various descents though


    I’m fond of an avid merrion as mel b style ya bastard ya when i throw the bike.
    But i’m all up for the woo hooing, you better duck down if you see me hooning towards ya down hill today cos you’re gonna get woo hoooed, BRAPPPPP BRAPPP!

    Premier Icon robgarrioch

    Another vote for basic ‘Yeeeee-Haaaaaaaaaa’, intended as Dukes of Hazzard style, but more Ewok battle-cry in reality…

    (p.s. anyone else still go wobbly for Daisy Duke – Catherine Bach, that is?)


    I tend to be singing along to this While blasting along as it will be playing in my ear, Yes sad i flick to my fave song for the good bits *whistles*

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    There seemed to be quite a few poeple whooping and yelling on the final 2 mile singletrack descent at Kirroughtree during the 10 Around race there. I can see why cos it’s a truly brilliant section of trail. 🙂

    MOJO K

    I have a friend who was into singing Pretenders songs when riding. Flying downhill with him in front shouting, “I’m special…Soooooo special…” always made me break up. I tend to be quiet for fear of biting my tongue off, but will stop at the bottom and clap my hands as to applaud the trailbuilder after a particularly flowy section.


    usually its a mantra “don’t brake, don’t brake”
    let slip a “ride ’em cowboy” last week – no idea where that came from

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I caught myself singing out loud the other week. It wasn’t even anything remotely appropriate, it was an emmy the great tune. Hardcore!!1!one


    I usually sing Neil Diamond songs or a bit of Hot Chocolate (i’ve no idea why but they seem to suit singletrack), if my mate is riding with me we duet with him doing baratone and me doing a rubbish falsetto 🙄

    Now i’ve written it down it all sounds a bit camp 😳

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    If the mood takes me I shout a hearty GOOD MORNING at people irrespective of the time of day. At the bottom of a hairy descent I sometimes utter a Paxmanesque YYYERRRS too.

    Took an 8 mile accidental detour in North Yorkshire a couple of years back and the valleys were filled with OHFERFUCKSAKES OHFERFUCKSAKES OHFERFUCKSAKES shouted almost constantly by one of our group until we got back to the cars.


    Wohoo, humming, singing and verbal abuse of mates all are standard practise for descents. Helps take my mind off the job in hand.

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