Shout out to the BPW chap who saved my brain fade!

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  • Shout out to the BPW chap who saved my brain fade!
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    Not often, but still managed to leave both pedals and my back wheel skewer in the Fochabers trail car park (packing bike into bike bag). Forgot my SPD shoes another time and had a very sketchy ride trying to balance on cageless SPD pedals in trainers. Any my wife accidentally grabbed her road shoes for an MTB trip 5 hours drive away – luckily they were also drilled for MTB cleats so saved the trip for 20 pounds – but she had to ride everything as her shoes had zero grip.


    Not bikes…

    I ran out of fuel a few miles from home a while ago (I used to play a lot of fuel light bingo). No problem, hitched a ride back from the first car that passed to get the can. Up to the front door I bowled, house keys still in car. ****.

    I also left a camera on top of the car and drove away. Realised a few miles later and went to retrieve it. A flattened camera was spread over the road… A chum did that with his briefcase (remember those), cue confidential papers all over the road..

    I’ve had a LLS 29er for about six months. I could get my 26er in the van without taking the front wheel off but not now. Drove to Glentress, about 40 minutes in the pouring rain, trying to decide what I’d ride. Parked up, opened the doors, I’ve brought a unicycle. Fast forward to Sunday. Had a great day at the Golfie, got very mucky, faffed about at the roadside sorting clothes out, put bike in the van, waved goodbye to my mate and drove up the road. Got home got the hose etc ready, opened the van, unicycle staring me in the face. Front wheel left propping up the garden wall at the roadside. Straight back to Inners, no sign of wheel which was disappointing as it had only been about an hour and it was wet and dark. Tried knocking on some doors, no joy. Went to I Cycles, no joy but try No1 cafe. They knew who had the wheel. Breathed a massive sigh of relief, I wasn’t looking forward to telling my other half she was getting a boost 29er front wheel for Christmas. List seems like a good idea.


    …forgot SPD shoes on a cheviots xbike ride once. Was contemplating loudly whether to do it in trainers (would have been horrendous and probably not possible) when the kid who’d been orbiting the van on a bmx (small village at start of ride where I’m guessing not much happens) said his dad could lend me some. Which he did, thanks spd dad. He was also landlord of the village pub, so was able to return shoes with extended thanks. He also gave route advice which led to an exciting return leg – round a corner past a tank with soldiers running on the sky line under flares. Didn’t hang about to find out who won.

    The End xx


    My first ever “proper” MTB ride was for a friend’s stag do. My BIL and I were camping up the night before, and then he was going to lend me his hardtail to do the ride on.

    Friday after work I’m trying to get all my bits together — camping stuff, plus the things I imagine I’ll need for the ride. He’s driving us down, and turns up about half an hour early and immediately starts banging about and chatting on about this and that. “Come on mate, aren’t you ready yet?!”, etc.

    So we load up and set off, and five minutes later I realise I’ve left my sleeping bag. Idiot! Much light-hearted ribbing ensues, and we turn around and pick it up.

    Another five minutes passes and I think — whoops!, I’ve forgotten my shoes. A hail of slightly less good-humoured abuse follows, and we turn around and pick them up.

    Five minutes after that. Where’s my helmet? I contemplated just riding without it for all of about thirty seconds before deciding I’d get more stick off the wife if I came home dead, so back we went once more, in a strangely tense silence.


    Flintstones – there’s 4 of us in a car already, but I’m sure we could strap the wheels to the bikes on teh rack, or fit them in the boot… no point you going all the way to Ruddy wales for them!!!
    It’s just a nip down the a24 for you to get them then!

    PM me details about the wheels/your phone number, and let BPW know some devilishly good looking guy with a ginger beard will get the wheels!!


    Couple of things
    I’m really enjoying the stories and relived!
    I feel like my life is complete, I have started a thread that has gone onto 2 pages!
    DrP – Thanks and message sent.

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    OH changed in the car park at Kirroughtree, put trousers in car, with keys in pocket, and fastened our youngest in his seat, closed door… and then the car automatically locked with the keys and child inside. Cue much embarrassment. In the end we called the fire service (the AA couldn’t help), who attended and persuaded our child to wiggle himself out of the seat and open the window (we had tried the same, but clearly we didn’t have a uniform and a shiny red engine to help).


    Drove all the way to the Alps and realised I’d left saddle and seat post in liverpool. Saddles and seatposts are surprisingly expensive in Alpine towns.

    We had a girl turn up on holiday a couple of weeks ago with everything except her front wheel!

    I live on the edge of some Danish MOD land with excellent singletrack trails we can ude when the army is not using the land. One rainy saturday afternoon, I decided to go for a spin, only to be greeted by some heavily armed special forces (jægerkorpset) guys telling me to find somewhere else to play.

    Biked home, jumped in the car, bike on the back, and rather huffily drove away to some other trails in the vicinity. When I reached the trail I discovered that I had left the helmet at home. Was rather angry by that point, so I decided to carry on in order not to waste the day. Few minutes later, the rain intensified, it became almost dark… I had no decent lights, no helmet, and was on some rather technical trails I had rarely ridden before. Halfway through the ride, I had to admit defeat.Ended up having to walk 3 kilometers back to the car, soaking wet, muddy, and utterly annoyed.

    Came home to my wife complaining that I was always out “having fun” and she was stuck in the house with two bored kids on a rainy afternoon…


    I have the wheels… REPEAT… I have the wheels…
    Can I start the bidding at sixty English pounds….

    One carbon rim… One slightly smaller non carbon rim…


    Premier Icon doomanic

    What tyres? Tubeless? Need to know what we’re buying here. 😀

    Premier Icon joat

    Pleased the wheels are on their way.
    Went for a weekend camping in the peak district with the bikes locked to the roof racks and the keys still at home.
    My favourite bit of karma was a typical reps car with briefcase and folders on the roof, I drove alongside at the red traffic lights and pipped the horn to let him know. He flicked the Vs and turned away to carry on talking on the phone (I hadn’t noticed this initially) so I let him carry on down the NSL duel carriageway, sadly I was going in a different direction and never witnessed papergeddon.

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    Packed dog and bike in the van, drove to trails, got me gear on, damn, no shoes. Only had my trusty Crocs on, rode in Crocs, suprisingly grippy 🙂


    I once went away camping without my tent poles!

    After plying DrP with booze and while he was describing his 12th bike, I grabbed the wheels and ran.

    Thanks chap. Really appreciated.

    Never did find out who handed the wheels in in the first place…

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