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  • Eh – dinnae eat as much. Ride no handed. Perhaps a unicycle might be a good investment.

    What have they recommended? Arthroscopy or open repair?

    I had an arthroscopic repair for a labral tear (Bankhart lesion) and recurrent dislocations. It was a few years ago so I don’t remember timings exactly but I bought a road bike – I was able to ride that after around 6 weeks. It took a while until I was ready to mountain bike again, but it wasn’t as long as a year. I could just feel when my shoulder was ready – I think 3-4 months post-surgery I was off road again.

    Of course your repair may be completely different – especially if it’s an open repair.


    So after 4 years of pain in my shoulder,instability of the joint and several dislocation’s (first from impact) rest just from general use. My Dr and surgeon have decided its time to opp-orate. it will be immobilised for 6 weeks then will be 3 months before heading backtowork they recon 6 months before being back on the bike for light duties and a year before i can ride, kayak and climb properly.

    Now I’m not winging as it probably needs it, But how do you keep fit in these situations (as i pile the pounds on after taking a few days off)


    Open Repair, Unfortunately the surgeon did say it was worse case scenario on time but the 6 weeks immobilized was going to be compulsory.

    Eh – dinnae eat as much. Ride no handed. Perhaps a unicycle might be a good investment.

    you’ve never had a limb immobilized due to an intrusive surgery have you?

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    I had a level 4 ac joint separation operated on earlier this year, was in a sling for about 5 weeks so not completely immobilised but wasn’t allowed to move it.

    The first exercise I could do at all was spin classes at the gym, then back on the turbo, road and mountain bike.

    Weight gain was minimised by the fact I was stuck at home all day with my gf (she works from home) which stopped all my secret eating :-$ I actually lost weight. Not been to maccy D’s since!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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