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  • shoulder bursitis
  • ianv

    Anyone had shoulder bursitus and had it operated on successfully?

    Currently having physio but cant help thinking I am wasting my time.


    My brother had this and used a cheap ultrasonic massager. I think DX have them but there are loads on filthbay – you will need lots of KY or medical lubricant.


    Yup, had loads of physio which cost me a fortune and amounted to nothing. Tried Cortizone injections which helped a bit.

    I used to be a pretty good volleyball player (which probably caused, but definately exacerbated the problem), I can't play at all now.

    I've just lived with it for the last 5 years – would be interested to hear about any new treatments. Surgery wasn't discussed as an option when I was being treated.


    I went to a specialist nurse who was operating as a sort of triage for shoulder injuries.

    She mentioned keyhole surgery as a final option, know nothing more than that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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