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  • Should they or shouldn’t they (Stone Roses Rumours ‘again’)
  • waihiboy


    it could be terrible it could be good…. but i think it’s best left to gather dust…. but money talks!

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    Well, it worked for Take That.


    I loved them in the early 90’s but hardly ever play their stuff any more.
    If I do it’s always the second coming rather than the stone roses too.


    It’ll be terrible. After all, they didn’t exactly go out on a high.


    I really rate Stone Roses and Ian Brown, but whenever I’ve seen them live the guy just can’t hit the notes. Shame.


    It really shouldn’t happen. Brown (as much as I love him and the roses) is crap live. It will only sully my memories.

    Having said all that. If they do reform and tour I will sell my liver to get a ticket!!


    brown really cannot sing live at all.
    I also love them or did till i realised it was studio con.


    Ian Brown isn’t the best singer in the world, but his gigs are awesome

    I was at Manchester when he sang a few roses songs during his set for the first time and it was awesome just to hear the tunes and Ian jogging about singing I am the resurrection!

    Like Andy I would be selling mine and the kids livers if they reform but can’t see it, rumours are that they Ian and Mr Squires haven’t spoke for years…


    It really shouldn’t happen. Brown (as much as I love him and the roses) is crap live. It will only sully my memories.

    Very true. I saw coverage of them on the Beeb documentary “The Seven Ages of Rock”. I’d always had this massive regret that I’d not seen them live but after I saw Ian Brown trying to hit the high notes in “I Am The Resurrection”, I suddenly didn’t feel so bad.

    Having said all that. If they do reform and tour I will sell my liver to get a ticket!!

    LOL, me too!


    You don’t go to an Ian Brown gig for quality singing. You go to see the King Monkey!

    Not sure what I’d make of a reunion. I’d probably be in the queue for a ticket but Ian Brown’s solo stuff is excellent as are his band. Wheras the rest of them have done bugger all of any note (Seahorses, I mean, the Shirehorses pisstake was better).


    Cant see this happening,but you never know
    unfineshed business and all that ….
    wasn’t John squires mountain biking accident in the states
    in 95 the reason for them pulling out of Glastonbury
    i remember seeing pics of him sporting a Yeti cycling top
    round about that time

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    I saw them at Reading 96. Pants.
    We walked off and watched Underworld instead. They were ACE.

    Premier Icon kelvin

    If they reform and record it would be interesting.
    Not interested at all in some vegas style cash in shows.


    Brown live is an experience not to be missed, yeah his voice is crap but when he walks on in a black leather adidas tracksuit with gold piping you have to laugh.

    I would be suprised if they did come back, but i guess if the money was right…. i bet Reni could do with a few quid and he was an amazing drummer

    i was at reading aswell…. terrible, terrible show…


    Also at Reading, I also thought it was a bad bad show

    Premier Icon nickc

    Don’t believe a word of it. Last I heard John Squires was doing more painting, and getting paid well for it, he’s always said he’d never do it.

    one great album
    duff 2nd album
    best left in the past imo.

    Premier Icon paulosoxo

    Weren’t they minus Reni & Squire at Reading in 96?


    loved (and still do) the stone roses and ian browns solo stuff is brilliant too…

    but i really don’t want it too happen…

    better as great memories and the 1st album has easily stood the test of time


    No! Please don’t. Stone Roses stuff was great, some of Ian Browns ‘solo’ stuff was great, they were so because they did it at that time and place, don’t re-visit just for the sake of it, those situations cannot be replicated!!

    Premier Icon dawson

    i’ve been at a couple of Ian Brown gigs and agree that his voice is dodgy.
    They were both good gigs tho.

    Mani has been with Primal Scream since the Vanishing Point album.

    I hope they don’t get back together – its a car crash waiting to happen; and thats coming from someone who has a 4ft Stone Roses poster on the dining room wall.

    but, inevitably, I fear they’ll do it for the money..


    Am I the sole person in the UK whom actually likes the second album?


    They were good but never awesome or cracked the USA charts.

    Maybe release a cd at xmas… 😈

    Premier Icon iamtheresurrection

    Saw IB at the Carling Newcastle and whilst I enjoyed it, I don’t think a Roses revival would work – they are too old now (as are we?)for the kind of crap singing but great music formula which worked so well live in the past.

    Premier Icon iamtheresurrection

    He is absolutely shite live, isn’t he? But if I was completely smashed, now that’s another story. Big smile watching that this morning…

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    John Squire will not go for it! Plus, the Roses were all about a certain period in my life, didn’t really care if Ian could sing or not, that wasn’t the point – hope they don’t get back together, probably ruin the memories (from what I can remember 8O)


    No they shouldn’t do it. The Happy Mondays reunion (a much better band IMO)was a bit naff and a Roses reunion would be the same.

    I always thought the roses were overatted in comparison to other bands at the time. I think they got lucky with the timing of their 1st album -with the whole summer of love vibe going on and the Spike Island thing.

    I went to see them in a circus tent on Glasgow Green and they were dire.(although I was on a nice buzz at the time ) After the gig we met some Manc guys in the sub-club and had a good laugh with them & shared some drugs & told him how shit the Roses gig was & how much better Primal Scream & the Mondays etc were. It wasn’t until the week after when we returned to the sub-club that we found out it was the guys from the band we’d been sitting with. (ah memories of back in the day)


    and thats the reason why they`ll never reform lol.


    I’m actually pretty heartened by this. It’s good to see that not everyone can be bought with a big cheque. I was and still am a big Stone Roses fan but having not been able to see them at the time I was in two minds about them reforming. I would love to have seen them in about 1989 (Blackpool Empress Ballroom would have to be the one to have gone to imo) but was just a year or two too young. I then decided not to see them when they toured post Second Coming especially after Reni left as that just wouldn’t have been right.

    I can’t help feeling that seeing them now would taint the whole thing for me but I doubt I would have been able to resist had they reformed. Seems Mr Squire has solved that little dilemma for me which I am pleased about.

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