Should I swap Pikes for Revs?

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  • Should I swap Pikes for Revs?
  • mk1fan

    With the arrival of the G-Spot my Hustler can revert to a 'lighter' build. Currently have a set of Push'd 454 Dual Air Pikes on the front. An easy way to drop a pound on the bike would be to swap to a set of Maxle Revs. Worth it?


    nope – whats the point as the hustler is hardly a light frame to begin with 🙂 just ride!

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    I've been considering this very thing.

    The Revs would have to be the Team models though, those are the only ones to match the much improved damping of the pushed pikes.

    It's ONLY the £250 it will cost that's bothering me 😯


    I did – maxle revs 09 model
    I notice more flex (forward and back) when braking
    Suspension action seems to be the same
    Revs much lighter – about 2lb from memory
    And most importantly are white to match my frame

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    Revs much lighter – about 2lb from memory

    I seriously doubt that even going from coil pikes to air Rev. I've got Pike Airs and if I switched to Rev Airs (2009 with teh same travel as the my Pikes), the only part which is significantly different is the crown iirc so the weight saving is only marginal

    No, 1 lb is **** all, especially if its on a set of forks. Unless you have loads of cash then its just a waste.

    A better bet as always is lighter wheels.

    I think my current XC forks weigh about 6lbs or just over, wouldnt ever bother changing them. Id change my rear 721 rim when its had it though


    Ive recently changed from Pike 454 air U-turns to new 09 Rev Maxle U-turn as the Pikes stanchion s were worn through after 3 years hard use. The weight difference prior to refitting(when I checked by actually weighting them on kitchen scales – much to the annoyance of the Mrs) – was just 0.5lbs. I'd say absolutely not worth changing until the Pikes bite the dust fully. They are fantastic forks – why change them for such a minimal weight saving? As mentioned , you're not exactly gogin to get the Hustler superlight anyway. Revs are in my opinion , not any better at all than Pikes.

    I love the pikes on my hustler. In a way it'd be a shame to detract from it's ride to lighten it up. Like people say, it's never going to be light anyway is it?


    2010 Revs are lighter than the 09 Revs I think. Don't the '10s have different lowers too?


    yep, the 2010 revs are lighter than 2009 ones due to new lower legs.

    nope, its not worth ditching some perfectly good pushed pikes for them. ive got a pair of pushed pikes on my ht and a pair of 2010 revs on my fs. i notice the weight difference over my old (2009) talas 36's but think that id be struggling to notice it over the pikes if im honest.

    very nice forks though, i got mine for £315 so thats £185 saved off rrp to get them pushed at first service.


    went from pikes to fox 15mm and the differance in weight is really noticable not as stiff but the (hugely) better damping and lighter weight make the bike (hl 5spot) much nicer to ride, the 2010 revs are even lighter and the blackbox damping is as good as fox (allegedley) soooo yes go for it 😆

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