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  • Should I sell My Inbred 456???
  • ………..and get a Cotic Soul??

    If so, is anybody interested in buying a 1yr old 16″ 456 in red? Also for sale would be a pair of v.good condition MX Comp Eta’s (105mm travel)

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    I’ve had both. Prefered soul with forks at 115mm ish – good all-round ride. Preferred 456 with forks more wound out 130mm – blast downhill (wound in for long climbs). Don’t suppose that helps much but there you go! 😀


    I’ve had both too and preferred the 456 (and regular inbred for that matter) – I’m one of the few who could never quite find a ‘just right’ set up on the Soul. I expect that’s even less help 🙂

    Oh! And I’ve now got a Prince Albert and I’m not sure if I could pick between it and the 456 as my favourite hardtail. The PA certainly should be one to add to the indecision mix.


    Are you running the ETAs on the 456? I`ve got an inbred and find it a bit dead with the forks wound in, wakes up once it gets to about 120mm, just a thought.

    I have a 456. When I’m not riding it, I think I need something lighter and more trail oriented, with shorter forks to give a bigger difference from my trail bike (5spot)

    When I’m riding it however, its really rather cracking and I wonder why on earth I think I need to change it.

    Sorry. That probably doesn’t help either.


    i may be interested in the frame but need to check size isnt to small for me at 5’10”

    I’m riding a 16inch at 6ft. TT is 23.5inches.


    Don’t sell it. Put some proper forks on it. I’d recommend Pikes. Vanillas would be good too.

    Yeah the ETA’s are on it. I am looking to put some magura menja 130AM on the soul or the 456 if I keep it – would this make me happier with the 456?

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    Keep the 456.

    The only downers I can see with 456’s is the lack of middle ground. You either have to pay over £1000 for a light weight frame or you have to go for the bog standard but heavy DN6 version. An 853 (or similar) version at a mid price would be nice. AND I’d like to see a 17″ frame option.

    And yes, the fork choice makes a huge difference to the ride. I’ve just put RC41s on my Ti 456 and it has turned it from a somewhat jittery descender (with Air Pike U turns, Air Revs and a Fox Talas Q/R) into something that descends like it’s on rails.

    I kept the frame and put some Magura Menja’s on it – tried them at the weekend and compared to the MX’s, they’re stiff as a board – really liked them, so thought, why not!

    Maybe I’ll get a Soul this summer when the cycle2work scheme starts!

    Or maybe a Kona Ute?


    456 with Pikes rocks. Not ridden a Soul but find it difficult to believe it could be as much fun. Try the longer forks first.

    i had mine with revs on…it sucked
    now got pikes on……….it rocks

    dont sell IMO

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