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  • Should I sell my BMX for a DJ bike?
  • scruffythefirst
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    I’ve got a 20″ BMX that I ride at a tarmac pump track when I take my kids.
    I’m a bit scared of jumping on the BMX. I’ve discovered some big dirt jumps round the corner that have a small dirt table and roller line, but it looks a bit tight for my 27.5 trail hardtail.

    Lots of cheapish dirt jump bikes around. WWSTWD?

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    Can’t beat a BMX on a pump track imho. Get both. 👍

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    I would buy a DJ but only because I want one myself. People do say they are good for learning jumps and a lot of the kids at the local dirt jumps have them vs bmxs.

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    N+1, buy the DJ bike and keep the bmx

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    TBH a propper DJ bike isn’t that far off a BMX, especially if you’re comparing to a modern stable MTB.

    I built one up a while ago thinking it would be good to mess about on, it’s not, it’s just like a BMX with a bit of stiff suspension up front. Both only really make sense in their intended purpose.

    I wouldn’t get both, not unless you really need both niches. E.g you have some MTB jumps that cant be ridden on a BMX and ride at a track that doesn’t allow MTBs.

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    I’ve been trying to do the same thing (or a trials bike). Sadly BMXs are seemingly worth very little second hand

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    For me, even having ridden bmx my while life, it takes a few weeks to get used to it, mybexperience is –

    .BMX – feels like instant death
    .DJ bike, your typical short kind – feels less like death, but feels silly short, shorter than bmx.
    .DJ bike, something that actually has some length to it – doesn’t feel like instant death, feels like it fits so actually way more comfortable throwing it around than the “short” jump bikes.

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    I also know nothing about jump bikes. What sort of things should I be looking for, SH prices seem all over the place.

    I probably don’t have room to keep the BMX and get a jump bike unfortunately.

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    What deanbfm said. A DJ is so much more forgiving and if you’re old like me, it actually has brakes if you need to stop in a hurry.

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    I would second deanfbm. I like BMX for dirt jumping and I think it’s largely fashion that most kids use dirt jumpers at dirt jumps. I think there is less margin for error on BMX, plus the trails need to be smoother but the BMX feels better especially on tight trails.

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    I rode BMX for 10 years when I was young and flexible. Wouldn’t go back to one now. I used to be pretty handy but can barely bunnyhop one these days. I also feel vulnerable with my teeth way out over the front axle.

    Much happier on my Transition PBJ.

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    If you have no history of riding BMX and are riding one for the first time and learning, then yeah you could swap, both bikes will be alien to you and take time to get used to.

    I know nothing about DJ bikes though except for the one I tried recently was really long!

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    I did. I have learnt more carpark tricks on the DJ in a month than I did in 18 months with the BMX. I felt way more comfortable on the DJ.

    Disclaimer I am 6′ 5″ and the BMX a 22 still felt small and alien.

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    I think it all depends on what YOU want …
    BMX doesn’t feel right to me… whereas a “DJ” ish does…
    Obviously with time and practice the BMX would but I’m more about having fun and hitting the jumps than an old dog learning new tricks.

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