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  • I’d want a bigger screen and my old man hips would want something taller but in general it should be fine.

    Oh and heated grips are a must for winter!

    And dont wear flip flops


    I had a cb600f as above as my first bike. Brilliant bike to for a new rider with enough grunt and fun to keep you interested as you gain experience.

    I didn’t commute on mine but my wife and i did go on our honeymoon on it and it performed without fault; and there was plenty of day long ride outs and i never wished i was on one of the sports bikes the others were on. No aching wrists for me!

    Obviously as a naked bike wind blast is always going to be an issue but I had the honda flyscreen fitted which did help a lot, although other larger screens are available from companies like Givi. Motorway journeys at motorway speeds were no pain at all, although i wouldn’t exactly say enjoyable. The best buy I did make though to help on motorways on colder days was heated grips which are amazing but I twinned them with a pair of “grip shields” (i can’t remember the correct name) but they actually suited the bike and kept the wind off my hands; a true Godsend! The large 19l tank with fuel gauge (a lot of bikes don’t have a gauge) gave between 110 and 160 miles depending on fun had which was more often than not further than many of my mates got.

    Overall super bike and I miss mine greatly compounded as I don’t have a bike at all at the moment.


    On the height of the bike, I’m 6,1 and it was and it was a great fit, with quite low foot pegs so your not bunched up and can walk at the end of a days riding.


    If it’s just to commute …..I wouldn’t bother …’re riding in the period with loads of nutters ..and it’s fine atm …but wait til the shit weather gets heterosexual


    Nothing to do with the nice weather weve been having but getting a bike has been on my mind for a while.

    I work and live away all week and head home at the weekends, approx 2.5 hour drive.

    Due to me heading up home to the North Wales coast the summer commute can be a nightmare and usually stuck in constsnt traffic.

    Ive been looking at bikes today and one caught my eye a Honda CB600F Hornet. It’s an 09 plate with aprox 5k on the clock for £3799. The bikes mint and Im close to pressing the buton.

    It’s the same as this.

    Is this the right bike to be doing a commute of 2.5 hours home on a Friday and the same back on a Sunday?

    Anyone here have or had one? Your thoughts?


    I rode 100s thousands of miles on a bike for 8 years in all weathers day and night.. (courier work). Then I got a proper job – and a car. It’s a miracle that I never get knocked off or hurt myself. I simply cannot fathom out how that worked out, other than divine provenance looking out for me.

    Simply put, I would never ride a bike ever again.

    Still get yearnings though.. 😉

    b r

    Bigger screen, heated grips and a rack/top box.

    Like the post above I’ve ridden for 30 years and never been knocked off, but bloody close pretty much every week when I was commuting in/around London. But, on your ‘commute’ make a note of how many m/c’s you actually see, and if it’s not a constant stream then that’ll increase the risk exponentially as the ‘tin-tops’ won’t be expecting a bike. Plus once we get into Sep you’ll have the sun in your eyes (assuming you’re going West pm and East am).


    As everyone has said above with screen, heated grips but would also recommend hand guards as keeps the ack of the hands warmer too. Look at a Honda NC700 too. It’s very well balanced for slow heavy traffic and huge underseat storage and probably wouldn’t need the top box.


    If you expect (or want) to be doing under 70 you don’t need a fairing. I’d be happy with that bike.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Never been a bad Hornet. Re commuting, I’d not want to ride one for that long day to day but if it’s twice a week, yeah, it’ll be fine. Will it be in all weathers? Screen does make a big difference. Heated grips (or better still heated gloves) even more.

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