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  • oxnop

    Currently run an Alpine 160 as my ‘bigger’ bike. Its pretty bling and have a number of options with it (have both coil and air shocks) so when running in normal mode (Maxxis EXO tyres tubeless and air shock) it weighs around 31 lbs. Which is perfectly fine but since coming back from the Alps in August it has not been ridden as i’m always on my Soul.

    Id ideally like something like a TRc or ASR 5, which would be lighter and less of a big hit bike which would suite my riding style. So has anyone gone from a bigish bike to something like I suggest and still enjoy techy alps holidays? – Please tell me i’m not delusional

    Only thing holding me back is cost, usually I wouldn’t mind spending cash on a bike but i’ve just moved into a bigger house which needs furnishing so id not have a ball bag remaining if I decided to spend money earmarked for the house!

    If anyone has a ASR 5 or TRC and fancies a swap for a 18″ 2011 polished Alpine 160, full m980 XTR, reverb, custom hope brakes, kashima 36’s and rp23 and a DHX 5 coil with Ti spring etc etc then let me know!

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