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  • Should I be worried? (IP address conflict content)
  • Recently I keep getting a Windows system error message IP Address conflict with another system on the network.

    Now there shouldnt be anyone else on the network and I have the wireless connection MAC security protected so nobody else should be able to get on it anyway.

    Is just a Windows quirk and nothing to worry about or is somebody about to take over my computer and steal all my photos of Becky Mantin??


    change your password from “admin” perhaps?

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    do you have two network connections set up for your pc – one wired and one wireless – each connection can end up as a separate connect with it;s own ip

    any other devices, wii, printer etc on the network?


    take a look on the router’s admin page and see what other devices have DHCP leases (the exact instructions for this vary between manufacturers but it’ll probably be on an address something like and under the LAN heading)

    The only computers with DHCP leases are the ones I have MAC enabled ie my PC, laptop and girlfriends Laptop, but only one is turned on at minute and still getting system error message.


    As with retro83, have a look at the connected entities on your access point. If you are tech savy enough change your IP address to static and then try to ping the original IP address from your machine. If it responds then there really is something else there…. If you are convinced it is only wireless devices on your network ensure your Wireless Network is using WPA and not WEP, change your WPA passphrase (you will need to change this on all machines you have that use the network, THEN change your router administrator password.


    yep, all as above. And… Try turning off wireless and cabling your pc in, see if you still have a problem.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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