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  • Should I, and Could I, move from FS to HT for free
  • Only if you stay 26″, I suspect…

    Premier Icon flange

    I’ll swap you my kenisis FF29er rolling chassis (wheels,frame, fork)


    I’ve been toying with this idea. I get a hankering for old-school steel now and again…but I love my FS too much…


    I’m currently riding a Titus FMT Carbon with 150mm Revelations and Pro2/Flow wheels.

    I think I’d like to go back to riding a hardtail for a bit, probably have to be steel or carbon though.

    Do the masses reckon I could sell my frame/fork/wheels and get a similar spec but at 650/29 without forking out any extra cash?

    I’m thinking of pulling 700 ish for those bits, and could get a set of wheels for 250 so would need a frame/fork for 450…


    I went back to a hardtail after a few years away from riding got a Pipedream Scion its made me love riding again.

    Wont go back to full sus again, I love it!


    I had the same crisis some time ago. Luckily I had the chance to borrow my mates Stumpjumper HT. It was noticeably faster on smooth roads, better climber, lighter obviously. But I missed sending my Zesty over rock gardens like a flying carpet. Just so much better for technical stuff (forgiving my mistakes). Also much more stable at high speeds, more comfortable on rough terrain which saved a lot of energy.

    If you have the chance borrow a bike first. One ride was enough for me to chase away the bad thoughts 🙂


    I only ride hardtails ,they make the trail come alive 😉

    My mate split his Orange 5 and got enough cash from what he had to change to build up a new On-One Inbred with new forks and wheels. With the figures you quote you’re looking at £150 max for a frame so that limits you although there’s some good deals about.

    Long and short of it, you probably could if you’re not too fussy what you get.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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