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  • Should Class A's be legalised?
  • peterfile

    It’s probably an obvious correlation, but I suspect most of those who are opposed to legalisation have not taken (illegal) drugs and those who have are probably in favour.

    I think the seriousness of many “death drugs” fades once you dip your toes in and realise that it’s just media sensationalism.

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    and another…

    …but I think the current “War on Drugs” is a total waste of time.

    I think you would find the strongest opposition for legalisation amongst the dealers

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    oops I double dropped

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    It’s probably an obvious correlation

    I’m sure there’s proper scientists and shizzle who haven’t taken drugs but have looked properly at the effects. People who actually know what they are talking about with an unbiased opinion.

    You know, the ones the politicians usually sack/ignore.

    neninja – Member

    Anyone proposing to make crack legal has never known someone who got addicted to it. Nasty nasty stuff.

    You’ve not met my Aunty, shes addicted to Alcohol…you know one of the legal drugs!!!!

    Fags…also legal…no harm to anyone at all???

    Now lets start on prescription substances…I’d hazard a guess more prescription addicts than any other form of ‘drug’ use. Be it Crack, Heroin, etc

    I’m an advocate of decriminalising substances based on the actual harm to user and society…but the Govmt seem to think their way works.

Viewing 5 posts - 81 through 85 (of 85 total)

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