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  • scruff

    *cough* Claiffe Cheek on Bogtrotters*cough*

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    The BW from Moor top to hawkshead is Vicarage lane and it a pretty good fast flat out desent if you link it with THIS Path you get a nice bit of single track instead of the fire road.

    Claifes got loads of stuff over it you cant go wrong really, the FP off of latterbarrows a good one.

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    some good fun to be had in Claife Heights. the BW off Long height back to Hawkshead is fantastic!

    Cheers – will be checking of Claife then. Any other specifics?

    And people suggesting FPs? With my reputation being a Calderdale resident? Surely not 😉


    You could post on
    can’t link from work, but lots and lots of good rides / routes from around there, Vicarage Ln +1, but watch for people walking up it , lower end some blind bits and it gets slippy if wet.


    parkamoor descent is worth it, even if you just ride back along the main road and up another forest road to get back to TNF trail.

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    There’s a nice loop Hawkshead-Knipe Fold-Hodge Close-Langdale-Elterwater-Rydal Water-Ambleside-Skelwith Bridge (cake stop)-Iron Keld but I’d take more than 3 hrs over it. Loughrigg Terrace down to Rydal Water & back from Amleside are my favourite bits of it so maybe a straight out & back over Iron Keld then a lap of Loughrigg Fell?


    Parkamoor at great speed is well worth it, but you’ve got to let go (said in an Obi Wan style) and jump off the big drops ! there are loads of routes to get you back into the Forest but why not head over to Blawith and pick up the BW’s through Woodland Fell and the Knot, carry onto Coniston then go round to Tiberthwaite over Oxen Fell and come back into the forest round the back.


    Vicarage a bit dull as a decent Shirley ? Better as a climb the come backdown via Fox / Devils Gallop.

    I have a route from t’other week we did from Consiton which went through Hawkshead which is one of the best I’ve ever done, email in profile.

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    we did a nice round trip last week

    Up the vicarage lane BW to the fire road turn left then pick up the north face trail for the down hill to the visitor centre.
    keep on the NFT untill Heald brow pasture and follow the bridleway for the excelent decent down parkamour to High Nibthwaite follow road to Nibthwaite grange and turn left follow over to Ickenthwaite then road to Satterthwaite and over Breasty Haw to road and back to Hawkshead .

    Cracking little loop with great downhills

    I’ve never done the Parkamoor descent – the one from the farm down to Satterthwaite is too good to miss if I’m up there and usually puts me back in the direction I want to be in so that’ll probably be on my ‘to do’ list.

    Will check out ridethelakes…

    Cheers Scruff – will mail you tonight.

    Alright all. In the Lakes next week, staying near Hawkshead and I’ll be doing a few evening sessions around Grizedale (NFT and BWs around there) but was wondering if theres anything else in that area that short’ish (3 hours max) thats worth doing?

    Also, on the OS map there looks to be a BW that comes off the NFT somewhere near Moor Top and descends into Hawkshead… is it a good descent or is there a better way to get from Grizedale to Hawkshead/just north of Hawkshead?


    Not forgot Scruff – will mail you tonight if I get a chance!

    Was sat in bed last night looking at the OS map and there seems to be a few BWs north of where I’m staying (just north of Hawkshead between Outgate and Knipe Fold). Specifically over Iron Keld down towards Skelwith Bridge and then back around to the west around Holme Fell towards Coniston.

    Anyone know anything about those areas?


    Davey, will be away from tonight till Sunday, but there is a great BW clockwise around Holme Fell then over road up to through Iron Keld or turn L onto road and then L again and look for permissive path (superb) through Tongue Intake plantation, you can then make your way back via Stang End and go S or go over to Skelwith.

    Theres quite a good one that goes from little langdale to big langdale. Worth doing if you’re doing some of the tilberthwaite stuff. It comes out just up the road from the Brit. It starts here:,-3.054543&hl=en&ll=54.425322,-3.053942&spn=0.015155,0.037766&sll=54.425172,-3.054414&sspn=0.015155,0.037766&mra=mift&mrsp=0&sz=15&t=h&z=15

    Also, if your heading out that way, check out some of the Blawith common stuff its quite good fun.

    I havent ridden any of these trails for what seems like ages. Hopefully when I get my new bike built it’ll motivate me to go out.

    Another good one is the Lawson Park descent. If you turn left off the fire road at the top of the hill and go through the trees (its a few hundred yards before the start of the 3rd section of NFT single track) you’ll go down a nice hill and come out at lawson park house.

    Then you can go either to the right of the house through a gate, or go left and then right. Either is a good descent, you’ll come out just near brantwood.

    If your going to do Breasty Haw, instead of turning left when you get to the road at the bottom, go over the road and through a couple of fields. Theres another track that’ll bring you out near Esthwaite and then you can take that road back to Hawkshead.


    davidtaylforth – that’ll be Devils Gallop ?

    Dunno mate, I dont know many of the trail names really. It could well be though.


    Some good tips in this thread. I’d second Claife Heights, love some of the tracks round there. The bits that drop down from the top fire road to the next one around Long Height are good (but it’s not worth going all the way down to Belle Grange IMO), as is Harrow Slack descent if you go up from Far Sawrey.

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    Daveyboy give me a shout if you want some company in the evenings!as said above go on ,only been out on one evening with them and they are sound.
    Dont know much about that area of the lakes but there is a ride being planned for next tuesday which I will be on.



    If youve got a GPS feel free to download these routes

    This one
    goes right past Hawkshead and takes in a lot of the Claiffe stuff, although we started it is an out and back from Sawry

    or this one

    takes a lot of the stuff mentioned in the thread – Langdales, Knipe Fold, Loughrigg Terrace etc

    Both routes 3 hours or under

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    Both good routes, will all depend on fitness, map reading skills, mechanicals, punctures and the other usual trail faff elements how long it would take you. 3-5hrs at a guess.

    This has a few good runs in Grizedale, but not Breasty Haw which you dont want to miss. the weather got back so we missed it out (and Devils Gallop too)

    Have fun


    I’m going to try and find time to put the route in my iPhone as my navigation skills are legendary!

    I will take a map as well.


    DBW – how did you get on?

    Knipe fold, Iron keld, Oxen Fell, Yewdale (take BW on the left to avoid the road)Moss Rigg wood to little Langdale. This can be extended to take in Loughrigg & Ambleside if you have time. It’s all rideable although not very technical but good if you have limited time. Some of the road climbs are a bit of a grunt mind!


    Did the Grizedale, Parkamoor, Clafe Heights route today. Very good indeed, although those descents are hard earned in the Lakes…

    And without memory map on the phone I would still be out there! 🙂

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