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  • shortest time you have owned a bike?
  • Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    Hora to the forum please.


    Cove handjob, had it less than 3 weeks before I folded it, it’s now in bike heaven


    I had a commencal meta 5 for a week or so. bought it new online in a sale, it was too big, stripped it and bayed the parts for more than I bought it for.

    Premier Icon martymac

    about 4 months, bought a specialised to replace my stolen marin, a few monmths later the marin was spotted by my wife outside a shop , phoned the rozzers and got it back.
    paid 600 for the spec, got 450 back, was happy with that tbh.


    about 4 months, then I found out how crap the Kona warranty is

    i bought a lovely bmx on 26th last month (total mid life crisis 😳
    as i have no bike skills whatsoever,i will be part exchanging it towards a full sus next week (hopefully help pay towards a 2013 spesch stumpy fsr evo comp (not saying i can do that justice either,but will definitely get used a lot more than the bmx 😉
    i reckon give or take less than 25 days i’ll have had it 😮

    i’m sure someone here can beat that though 😉

    Had a Yeti 575 for two days. Didn’t like it.

    Had a whyte 146 , ordered and paid for it , rode it Once took it back the next day , bought a zesty !!!


    A few days 😳

    I got the chance to buy a Parlee cyclocross frameset. It arrived, it was everything I knew it would be (already a Parlee owner).

    Why did I sell it??!!

    Anyway, it went to a lucky new owner from here. Hope it’s getting used.


    About 5-6 months for my Roadrat. Not really a bad bike but the sizing didn’t really suit me, it was too flexy to tow a trailer, but the real deal breaker was the rear dropout arrangement: Fit a rack and mudguards and it’s virtually impossible to get the back wheel out. I sold it after walking 3 miles home with a puncture because that was quicker and easier than fixing it.
    Replaced it with a £195 Cararra Subway 1 which was a far superior bike.


    My brother wins this with one day!

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Can you do me a favour and buy a nice Cotic Soul or Kona Sutra?
    I’ll take em off your hands when you’re fed up.

    Oh, and let me know when you’re bored with the Lemon Drop too, m’kay? 🙂

    Seriously, don’t give up – I bought a BMX in similar circumstances a few years ago.
    Just couldn’t get on with it and was convinced it was actually possessed – it tried to kill me every time I rode it.
    It stood in the front room for ages silently mocked me as I walked past.

    I finally bit the bullet and tried to learn how it worked.
    Ride it loads now – you’ve just got to get stuck in and practice!

    A full suss won’t make you a better rider or let you tackle anything you can’t on your hardtail.
    A BMX will, however, increase your awesomeness rating by a factor of three, make you more attractive to women and make you a better guitarist. Fact.

    Give it another six months – if none of this proves to be true I’ll give you a ton for it. 😀


    Brodie Holeshot Ti. Waited 5 months for it to arrive. Built up my dream bike then 5 months later it was stolen.

    Hob Nob

    Orange 224 Evo.

    I think I owned it about a week. Build it up as a DH bike budget cutback, and in a bizarre set of circumstances I took it to the local spot to give it a shakedown.

    One of the other people there took a shining to it & offered to buy it for a hefty amount more than I paid for it. Happy days.

    Still see him on it now & he loves it 🙂


    About a month – Sanderson breath. Rode twice, really nice but too long.

    And xtc alliance – rode about 3 times in about a year. Nice bike but wanted the cash for a heckler

    I have bike issues 🙂


    I am generally OK at keeping them for a few months it is the riding them that is the problem.

    1/ Cove Handjob – bought the frame and built it up, never bothered to ride it, split and sold
    2/ Pearson CX bike – bought it all new, rode once and then split and sold
    3/ Trek FX 7.5 bought in a the sale, rode for 6 times and sold on

    I still have two brand new bike that I haven’t yet ridden.

    1/ A 2009 whyte 19 carbon hardtail, now over 3 years old but never yet ridden, bought a scott scale last year and that get ridden all the time
    2/ A 2012 Trek Madone bought about 3 months ago but not yet ridden, primarily due to injury (tendonitis), but I have been riding my road bike for the last month and still keep taking the old one out


    One week, bought a BFe 853 frame form the bay to replace my inbred853. Frame arrived and I built it with the parts from my inbred and went out for couple of rides, then realised I didn’t like it!
    Sold on the bay with a slight loss, however now I know and the inbred lives again.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Couple of days for a cheap roadbike last year.

    My Yelli will be less than 2 weeks from completing build to being sold.


    Built a BFE frame XS rode around the carpark too small…stripped it & sold it only, barely lost any £££…live & learn, I brought it on a whim!

    bike 1 week, van 10 hours


    About a week, cracked Yeti ASR5 after one ride, the replacement rear end had poor paint quality so I returned it for a refund as it wasn’t worth the cash and I had no faith in the product, certainly not enough to ride it!!

    Premier Icon Drac

    6 years and counting.


    Minutes (but I have owned hundreds of bikes)

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Paging mamadirt….,

    Think mines about 14 months.


    YoGrant wins – he’s bought a frame and sold it before it even arrived with him so minus 2-3 days in some cases (not a one off event!)

    Premier Icon Alex
    Subscriber 🙂

    But I’m better now. Like a 50 a day man, who has cut down to 48. I think my ‘voodoo Wanga’ singlespeed was probably the best/worst. One horrible winter ride in the Chilterns. I don’t like to consider bikes in my care as ‘owned’, more ‘rented.


    One month on a Commencal Supreme DH. One trip to Inners and One trip to Fort William before immediately selling. It was obviously cursed!
    I’ve never been so let down by a new bike and its probably put me off buying Commencal ever again.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I think I kept my BFe for 3 months.But I only rode my Ellsworth Dare 3 times before taking it to bits- just realised it was going to take a lot of effort to get it to ride how I wanted.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    I once bought an On-One summer season frame. Didn’t even build it & sold it less than a week later.


    about 13 months, grew out of my Merida Matts. Replaced it with a Specialized FSR XC, which is brilliant, if a little neutral.

    got my ex8 at the end of july, stolen at the end of october. still miss that bike. couldn’t afford to replace it at the time.

    brought a santa cruz super8, worked in les gets guiding on it for a season (3 months), sold it for more than i paid for it about 2 weeks after i got back.

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Couple of hours, spotted an older Giant OCR in Cash Converters in need of some TLC. Haggled the price down, brought it home. Posted up here about my lucky break and the fact that I didn’t really need another road bike but couldn’t resist a bargain/project. Carbon337 of this parish PM’d me and a deal was struck there and then. Are you out there Carl? How much of it is still going?


    1 Minute.

    Boardman Team carbon.

    Rode it in Halfords car park with a crack in the frame. Came back in and got a refund!

    Rusty Spanner you make some good points.the thing is that i can barely bunnyhop more than a few mm’s off the ground/can only get the front wheel high enough to get over a kerb 😳
    the bmx really is lovely though,but i feel a right tool when i am riding it (completely feel like a fish out of water 😳 the thought of attempting anything gnar on it just fills me with fear (as you said the bike mocks me every time i look at it/am looking at it now 😯
    i will persevere with it for a while longer (i will learn how to wheelie/bunnyhop 🙂

    sorry,but no chance on the lemon drop front (love the guitar 😉

    I love this thread! I’m trying to justify to myself selling a two year old bike. This may have made my mind up.


    a long weekend, sold after I got back from Spain

    Hora to the forum please.

    Funnily enough, mine was Hora’s old Heckler. Last 1 ride around here which was just a 30 minute bedding in red and then a ride in the Moors after which it was sold. Hated it…

    Drac +1

    6 years and counting!!!!


    Cotic Roadrat, bought the frame, God knows why except that I absolutely love my Soul. Rode it a couple of times and hated it, had it stripped and sold on within a week.

    the real deal breaker was the rear dropout arrangement: Fit a rack and mudguards and it’s virtually impossible to get the back wheel out

    …and that combined chain tug/mech hanger thing is utterly idiotic.


    i will persevere with it for a while longer (i will learn how to wheelie/bunnyhop

    Glad to hear it! you went on about getting it for way longer than 25 days.

    Ps. If you can bunnyhop onto a kerb smoothly to bunnyhop higher, the first thing you need to work on is getting your front wheel higher in the initial stage of the move, then it’s just a case of getting your timing right and levelling out your rear wheel to the same height. MTBers are shit at this as they spend far too much time with a fully extended seat post up their arse. Like 99% of mtb riders you probably aren’t used to bending your arms or legs enough.

    Try not to feel like a tool, have fun with it and smile at anyone you see while riding, should help you feel less confident and who knows, smile at the right person and you might even pull 😉

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