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  • mickasaki

    Constantly in the bike mags, they are always banging on about shorter stems being so good, so.. why is it so dificult to buy them! seems such a limited amount out there. Surely the manufactures are aware that people want them! You only seem to get them at either extreme of price ranges, so i better get saving!

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    How short is short. All my bikes have 100mm stems, which is a lot shorter than I used back in the day, 120mm-135mm.


    Most maufacturers do 50-70mm stems – FSA, Thomson, Hope, Race Face etc etc

    Premier Icon timraven

    Swapped a 90 for a 70mm, bigger difference than I expected. Easier to loft the front wheel, sharper steering etc.

    Highly recommended, plenty around for £20 or there abouts


    where are you looking?


    Try on-one and their 456 stem – particularly if that 500 sale is still on, as they had them for a tenner.


    There are hundreds of different short stems out there at virtually every price point.

    Thomson do a 50mm, and all other sizes too. What more do you need?!


    “Constantly in the bike mags, they are always banging on about shorter stems being so good”

    Should that read:?
    Constantly in mbr, they are always banging on about shorter stems being so good

    Premier Icon Brother_Will

    Oh MBR said that? Id best get one then to go with my riser bars lol

    Benji says much the same in his bike reviews.


    i dont understand how you can fit a shorter stem to anything,stem length is relevant to body size and length of arms, i have a 720mm top tube and stem length on my bikes, any shorter and i would hit my knees on controls when climbing, so on my bikes i have, a 120 a 105 and a 100mm

    and as for moving saddles back to compensate, surely the measurement of saddle over cranks position, is by length of leg and foot size.


    Got myself a Thomson 70mm, bit more than i was looking to spend but worth it! I was not changing just because MBR said so, it was because after riding a friends bike, the steering seemed very slow on mine. I’ll find out what difference it makes tommorow!


    tried it, stuck with 100-120, I’m 6′ tho and xc bikes/riding

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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