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  • shortbaldone

    just read as many reviews as possible and buy the stem which makes your bike the most murdered out and rad man and is hopefully the most expensive and exclusive one there is too, that way you will sleep well knowing you have the right stem!
    seriously, borrow a couple of different length stems and see which one suits you on your bike best, I have a few from 50 up to 100 and are happy to lend them


    I went from a 70mm to a 45mm stem on my 160mm bike.

    Loved the handling but hated the cramped feel (the 70mm stem gave the proper reach).

    Recently I swapped frames – I’ve always been a medium at 5’8 but after studying the geometry of the Intense tracer 2 I was buying I decided to take a risk and buy a large (described as way too big for me).

    But the only differences between the Medium and the large is 1″ longer in the top tube and a longer seat tube. The change in the top tube is exactly the same length I lost in the stem when I shortened it to 45mm so the reach is perfect.

    The chainstays are the same length for all sizes so the only other difference was an extra inch or so on the seat tube that I completely didn’t need. However due to the design of the frame the stand over height is the same for all frame sizes (Its only the little triangle near the seat that gets taller). so the only change I had to make was to run my dropper post further into the frame.

    2 rides in and I think I made the right decision.


    The longer the bar, the slower the steering as you have to move you hands a greater distance to achieve the same degree of turn in the wheel therefore you have to move faster.

    But you may find this more comfortable, you should have more leverage so make easier to hold true when forces on the wheel are trying to snatch it out of your hands

    And with regards to precision if you had an old school radio with a knob and dial, the bigger the knob you fitted the easier you would find it to tune in more precisely.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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