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  • short tumble dryer?
  • zntrx

    Dull question but does such a thing exist?

    From searching it seems the vast majority of tumble dryers are a standard height of ~85cm. There are a few really small ones shorter than this but they are low capacity.

    We have a space under the stairs of 81cm, anyone know of a condensing or heat pump dryer of reasonable capacity (say 6kg+) that would fit? Width and depth should not be a problem.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    If you bought an integrated/built under one, you might be able to lose a bit of height with the legs.

    Premier Icon joshvegas

    Drop the feet and lose the lid?

    Bit of a gamble it fitting mind. Integrated isn’t a bad shout.

    Premier Icon nixie

    Even if you could find one they get hot and need ventilation space. Not sure if I’d want a compromised installation under my primary escape route.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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