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  • Shopify experiences?
  • Premier Icon timraven

    A quick question for the STW hive mind. Does anybody use Shopify as a retailer? We’ve set the pub website up to use it and rather belatedly been told that it is full of bugs and not very good.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


    We use it very successfully for online retail… generally it’s been very good indeed – a few drawbacks, as with all software ever, due to particular decisions by the developer on how things work and what functionality is or isn’t available, but really it’s been great. I can’t think of any significant bugs we’ve encountered at all.

    Biggest issues: it doesn’t support multiple currencies, the checkout after the shopping cart is difficult or impossible to modify significantly, and it’s a bit like Apple products at times – you don’t get full control, but it looks nice and usually ‘just works’

    I suppose you’re going to want to see the website? Well, since you asked…

    Some workplaces might frown upon the content, mind you – as may partners unless you are able to convince them you are gift shopping… it’s not exactly NSFW but may be sailing close to the line…

    Feel free to PM me if you have specific questions about Shopify. Or if you want a discount code…

    Premier Icon timraven

    Thanks maccyb. Nice website. We do very little on the web, it’s difficult to serve beer virtually and costly posting it.

    We seem to have spent an enormous amount of money on our site, particularly for the income it’s generated, or rather, lack of income, and still get told by people who look at it that the last developer got it wrong.

    Such is life.

    Well since you insist, The Raven


    it’s not exactly NSFW but may be sailing close to the line…

    Well the Nova Brief was certainly sailing close to a few 😲

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