Shoot me now! nose hair clippers, what’s good?

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  • Shoot me now! nose hair clippers, what’s good?
  • Premier Icon Brainflex

    As per title. Getting kinda busy up there n while I can pluck em, it smarts so I’m going to admit defeat n trim them.

    Premier Icon oldtennisshoes

    Da shizzle

    Philips Series 5000 Battery-Operated Nose, Ear & Eyebrow Trimmer – Showerproof & No Pulling Guaranteed – NT5171/15

    Premier Icon kneed

    Rolls Royce. Well – at least very very good.

    Panasonic ER-GN30

    Premier Icon Davesport

    You don’t need the trimmers. Get the barber to wax it out. Quicker, easier & most of all it’s fun.

    Premier Icon funkmasterp

    Anyone else have nasal hair that defeats most trimmers. I’ve ended up having to use a combination of tweezers and beard trimmer. Wish my head hair had been this resilient 😕


    in the usual recommend what you’ve got

    very good. As far as these things go

    You’ll be able to pass it on in your will

    more to the point, the wife didn’t know what it was for months, yet didn’t ask once …

    Premier Icon tillydog

    Just pull it out by the roots.

    It’s character building.


    more to the point, the wife didn’t know what it was for months, yet didn’t ask once

    Having looked at the link I reckon she was afraid of what she might find out.


    Buy the Kenashii kit from Amazon. Heat the wax for 3 mins in the microwave, twiddle the plastic stick in the wax and shove it up your nose. Count to 90 and pull very hard. Just make sure the kids aren’t around for the first time as the language was a little ripe when I first did it. Just make sure you don’t pull out early as the stick comes out and leaves the wax in your nose and needs to be cut out with very sharp scissors!!! It’s less painfully the second time around!! And make sure you pull hard!!


    I’ve got a Philips one. Cost less than a tenner from JL and works fine.

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    I’ve got a Philips one.

    oh so they do Phillips as well as Torx


    Just use a Zippo lighter, the smell can be a bit off putting.

    I’ve got three of the Philips ones. They’re shit. Or at least they’re shit after a few months.

    Also got the manual one. It’s shit too. You need three hands to operate it properly.

    Premier Icon cynic-al

    I like to pull, makes up for my failure with eyebrow-plucking.

    After various kinds, I plumped for a ‘lady-specific’ hair trimmer from Lidl.

    The business end has longer (twin) blades than any mens trimmer.

    Works great on my middle-aged snout. Best £6???

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    You’re late to the party (I bought the Phillips 3000 from Argos for a tenner).

    Living the dream…

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    Grow a moustache. The nose hairs will be less noticeable.


    In my experience they are all crap, every single one of them. Even the fancy Philips one posted above. I had one of those, it lasted about 3 or 4 uses before falling to bits. The on/off switch was also the battery cover, so every time you turned if off the batteries had a habit of flying across the bathroom.

    In reality you need nose hairs to trap the poo particles from going into your lungs when you smell a fart. Just MTFU and pull out any rogue ones using tweezers like Chuck Norris does.


    My Wahl one has just about given up the ghost after a good 10 years use so I’m replacing it with an updated model. It does eyebrows and also has a small detailing tool for those random hairs that seem to appear outside of your beard area as you get older


    Tesco have one for £6, works fine

    Premier Icon CHB

    Philips here. Love it.


    I use my Leatherman.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Philips here too.
    Bought after recommendations on here.
    Thanks for that. Its complete shite.
    Just end up plucking them out as it actually works.

    It seems like my one is a copy of this…

    Veet Precision Trimmer Women’s Beauty Styler Expert Sensitive


    Cheap n cheerful ,works just fine, Remington Nose and Ear Clipper ://

    Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    Tried a few myself and happy with the last one I bought

    Rechargeable is key and it last ages on a charge to, I’m sure plucking would mean doing it less often but **** that…


    You don’t need the trimmers. Get the barber to wax it out. Quicker, easier & most of all it’s fun.

    Do this, get a mate to video it, post a link.


    (Barber always asks me if I want nose hair waxing, I always politely decline)

    Premier Icon pocpoc

    Tried a trimmer once. It tickled so much it made me sneeze almost instantly.
    For now, while it’s still managable, I can still get a good grip on the really long ones and give a good pull. Still makes me sneeze sometimes.


    Good tweezers (I’d recommend ‘tweezerman’), and not tensing up is the answer.
    Easier said than done

    Premier Icon pocpoc

    My problem with good tweezers is that I then know that I’ve definitely got hold of it and know it’s going to hurt. Whereas just grabbing with my fingers means there’s a good chance it’s not going anywhere. I like to think of it as the Russian roulette of nasal pain.

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