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  • Shoe recommendations for flat pedals?
  • rob jackson

    sombrio on crc?


    Sombrios are good, I know you said you didn’t want 5-10’s but I recently got some Dirtbags and they’re great for biking and feel like wearing cotton wool on your feet


    Hmm the sombrio x-slats look good for £45.

    So my trusty £35 3 year old Nike mogans are finally falling apart. Don’t think I can get these anymore.

    Anyone got any recommendations? Less grippy than 5:10s – cheap and will last more than 1 winter?


    Teva links are great. One year on and not slipped off a pedal yet. Teva pinner are like links, but not so water resistant, but have more acceptable looks.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    The Sombrios are excellent… My Shazams are the best flat winter shoe I’ve had, actually too warm to wear now. X-floats are an excellent summer shoe but not as waterproof. Remains to be seen how they last but they feel better than my Five Tens.



    I didn’t like the sombrios I bought, sent em back. They’re so chunky and feel clunky and awful on the pedals.

    The best riding shoes I’ve had were Orchid Cobra lows, but they’re no longer available 🙁


    Vans Gravels


    i just buy 6.0 nikes


    I had a cheapish pair of Vans which had had great grip but were like a sponge in the wet. Felt like I had a brick tied to my pedals from the extra weight of water. I still had them for 2 years though, but had to be replaced as they were falling apart. Now replaced with 5:10’s which have awesome grip and better in the wet than expected.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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