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  • Shockwiz calibration issue
  • prezet
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    So trying to calibrate a Shockwiz … first steps stay to let all the air out of the forks and then extend them to full extension. I’m already stuck at this bit.

    The negative air spring sucks the uppers down into the fork and there is no way I can get them to extend very far. I’ve tried reinflating, and then letting air out slowly to equalize the positive and negative chambers but this hasn’t made much difference. I’ve even tried the zip tie past the seals to try to release any air.

    Is there anything else to try?

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    Can you fully 3xtend them with more sir in them?
    The calibration doesn’t need “all” the air out, just enough that you can hold the fork down at full compression and up at full extension.

    Is it that you can’t physically pull them up to full extension, or that they won’t test at full extension?

    Pulling them up is a perfectly acceptable method for calibration.

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    Thanks – but all sorted now. I tried again, really slowly letting air out a bit at a time and equalizing … suddenly got a whoosing of air and could fully extend them 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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