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  • shock setup advice please
  • pembo6
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    Lately I’ve been riding some larger drops and chunky stuff and the rear shock is feeling quite harsh. It feels really good on small – medium stuff but really harsh on the bigger drops.

    140mm rear travel. Fox DPX2 Performance (non-Elite version with only rebound adjust and 3 position compression). Evol air can. 27.5 wheels.

    Rear sag at around 28%. Using around 95% shock travel on the largest drops. I did have a largish volume spacer installed and I’m thinking that’s making it too progressive??? causing harshness when landing largeish drops?? Should I try a smaller volume spacer. Or maybe remove a little air pressure?

    Thanks for any advice. Cheers,

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    Assuming the compression adjust is in the setting with lowest amount of damping. I’d say your thinking is correct about the volume spacer making the end of the stroke harsh.

    Try taking a tiny bit of air out and running just a bit more sag. It’s a very easy change to make but also the spring curve is usually non-linear at the end of travel so a little bit less air can feel very different.

    Failing that volume spacer reduction might be needed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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