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  • Shinano Jockey Wheel Service – Gease or Not
  • jambon
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    Do I add grease to the ceramic bearing or leave it dry?

    Ta, J x

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    Just ignore it, it’ll outlast the teeth on the jockey wheel by miles anyway.

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    Er, beg to differ – the reasen why I’m cleaning it is ‘coz it aint revolving. Will grease attract fresh dirt in quicker or will it run smoother with a bit of grease is my question.

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    No grease, bit of chain oil

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    I add a bit of grease. Have got through jockey wheels this winter though; teeth ground down to very little over recent weeks.

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    Keep them clean and lubed boys, replacements will be £30 before long!

    The jockey wheels as well 😆

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    I always pop in a bit of grease. Lubing up helps! 😕

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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