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  • Shimano/Five Ten flat shoes
  • mildred

    How do they come out size wise? Average, small, big?

    I’ve just bought some Specialized 2FO and they’re a good size & half smaller fitting than most shoes of this size.

    I’m looking at some Shimano AM7 or some Five Ten freeride elements.

    Premier Icon acidchunks

    I’m a size 8.5 normally. My size 9 AM7 are snug but comfortable.

    I wouldn’t recommend for mtb use though, not enough grip ime. (I only use mine for commuting)


    As above AM7 are complete shit, considering stumping up to get mine resolved with 5.10 rubber. Failing that they’ll probably stay in the kit cupboard until the end of time

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    My freerides are petty much spot on with described size.

    Very, very comfortable too. I could walk around in them all day!

    2fo are half a size smaller than the rest of the Spesh shoe range , 5tens size up normally ,or if anything slightly large . I have 5tens and 2FOs and I only ever ride with the 5Tens , they are massively better . I have never used Shimano flet shoes but they don’t seem to get well reviewed and all the Shimano SPD shoes I’ve ever used were normally sized .

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    I’ve always bought half a size smaller in Five Tens.


    Shimano historically you go up a size, 5ten normally half size.

    However.. the new freerider pros and related models are spot on. If you are a ten get a ten etc

    I’ve got Five Tens and AM41s (precursor to the AM7) and they the same size as each other, and the same size as my regular shoe. I have wide feet and find them both a good fit, most bike shoes are too narrow for me without sizing up.

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    I tried some five tens in in the shop and they were bang on the size I’d get in normal skate type trainers. Didn’t buy them though so don’t know what they’re like after time.

    Shimano shoes I have to go up 1 Euro size for comfort, had some 43 AM45 and had to get rid for some 44s


    Thanks folks

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