Shimano10 speed chain rapid wear is it normal ?

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  • Shimano10 speed chain rapid wear is it normal ?
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    Only had bike since September done about 350 miles .Just out of curiosity I stuck the chain checker on and it showed over .75 ? Yet when I measured it was 12 inches rivet to rivet ? To be on the safe side and save cassette I put a KMC replacement on.I know it’s been cruddy conditions but I still expect to get twice that use out of a chain ..Does 10spd wear that much quicker ?


    Chain checkers aren’t accurate as they all (bar the shimano one) measure between the inside of 2 pins and so account for roller wear twice.

    As a rule, a rule is best (just changed mine today, park chain tool gave .1%, rule measured 0.5%).


    Wot he said.


    +1 for the above comments.

    Use chainchecker when new and see how much ‘wear’ is built in.

    Keep using chainchecker as well as a steel ruler is good engineering sense.


    I once wore a 9speed chain out in about 50 miles, it didn’t help that after the first 3 or so it was effectively dry. So it’s possible.

    I’m getting the same if not more out of 10s than I was 9s though, although only 2 chains in so hard to say, and I’m probably SS’ing more in crap weather than I used to.

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    Roly it must be the power from “those” calves 😉


    i had issue with rod chains before…..A dura-ace one lasted 500 miles before i had to change it, i’ll never use shimano again. KMC and SRAM seem to way outperform so i now use those.


    On both mountain bikes 3×10 and 1×10 I just use 9 speed sram and shimano chains these days.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’ve got KMC 10-speed on mine, seems to wear pretty much the same as 9-speed tbh. But the 105 chain that came on the crosser seemed a wee bit highly strung, it got grindy and sticky very quickly in dirt, not really sure why.

    Took me about 18 months and several 1000 miles to wear outout an XTR 10 speed, that included the TransWales which ruined just about every other part of my bike. I clean and lube meticulously though 😮

    Just bought a sram 10 speed chain for my road bike as the shimano one is nasty, noisy and wearing too quick for 500 miles in.

    Snapped my 10 speed shimano chain yesterday, was only about 4 rides old. Fixed it, but will be swapping to a KMC in the near furure.

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