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  • Shimano XT M785 Brakes VS Formula The One Brakes
  • ive got some over a year old formula the one brakes (new style ones, but minus the FCS dials etc), and im on the brink of buying some xt m785’s instead

    the ones are great brakes, but i fancy a change and my mates running the xt’s and i absolutly love the lever, true one finger braking, and i seem to get on more with the sort of on-off feel of them…they felt really great on a quick go i had on them too

    so has anybody run both? are they similar power wise? anything to report? (i know if the shimano break they will need replacing, but at least its easier to shortening kits, and bleed them etc)


    If you’ve got the ability to compare both, aren’t you best placed to report?? 🙂

    Get them back to back and see how they feel (assuming your mate agrees!)

    (I did a similar thing in the summer)

    exactly the problem, im not letting him near my bike on a descent and vice versa 😉

    ive had a little go on them mucking around and they seem to have a better feel (bit vague i know) than my the ones, the lever is the thing that does it though its absolutly perfect for one finger braking

    and i actually think they look nicer than the ones too if that counts for anything 🙂

    Premier Icon Northwind

    The One lever feels perfect for single-finger to me… Tried moving them in along the bars a little?

    You’re spot on though, the main differences are in feel (well, and servicability and weight). Both very powerful brakes but The Ones deliver it gradually, the XTs deliver it hard and fast. So just depends what you like- I’m not a fan of current Shimano feel personally but I can see why others don’t like the subtlety of Formula, Hope and the like.

    (I spent years getting rid of the initial bite on my motorbike brakes, pretty much everyone else who rode it once I had it set up right hated it)

    NW – its the ergonmics of the lever i struggle with for one finger braking on my The1’s, ive had them side by side (my bike, his bike) and the lever just suits my girly finger a bit better (not saying the ones are bad by an stretch) but they appear shorter, more stumpy and the bite kicks in faster like you say on the xt’s i definitely prefer that, even if it sort of feels more on off

    for the price im getting them fitted for its just a no brainer as i should get decent ish money (enough to cover the new xt’s fitted) for my the1’s too, things like getting the parts and ease of bleed/shortening etc play a part in the decision and although my TH1’s have been faultless (other than eating pads a bit quicker than im used to) i just fancy a change too

    its good to know they are of similar power though when needed (regardless of how its delivered), which is the main thing, and im hoping they prove to be just as good as the ones have been


    My experience is pretty much the same as NW’s. I’ve had a quick go on a mate’s XT’s but hate the nothing/everything lever feel, very powerful though I’ll admit.

    Although I’d say I’m in the minority as most people who ride my bike give it back very quickly moaning that the brakes don’t work. I’d say this is due to the Formula/Hope style more progressive power delivery and the fact that i have the levers set up pretty close to the bars.


    Also in the favour formula camp. Old style 09/10 The Ones which have been great for me. New style SLX and i don’t really get on with the on/off nature. Tempted by some Hopes now though.

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