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  • AndrewBF

    Was out riding today and decided that singlespeed wasn’t quite challenging enough, so removed a pedal from my crank and took the route home single-pedal on a singlespeed. How very hardcore!


    Well, that’s my pub story. What had happened is that I must not have secured my pedal on the crank and it worked itself loose and ripped out the threads on the way out.

    The SLX crank pedal hole is baby smooth on the inside and too wide to be tapped, the pedal is absolutely fine.

    So, I’ve been using an SLX crank with the chain rings removed and replaced with a 34T Renthal. This has been fine but now, obviously, I need to replace things.

    I could just go for another SLX set and bin the chain rings, but rather than spend that money I should look at buying SS specific cranks. But I don’t know what to go for. THere are various sets out there with all kinds of specifications, different sizes, some with or without spiders for the chain ring.

    What are my options and what might you recommend?

    I want something that will be a plug in replacement for SLX and ready to go. Chain ring or bash guard not required.

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    bad luck.
    ‘plug-in replacement’ = shimano. get another set of slx off ‘the germans’ ( somebody linked a shop the other week doing them for less than you can get them for in the uk – you’ll have to search ), or a.n.other set of shimanos that suit you. anything else will likely cost more, either because you’ll be buying a bb as well, or because they’ll be more flash and therefore more pricey. true, you’ll get a bb with a shimano crankset, but you’ll be able to keep that in the bag. flog the rings if you don’t need them.


    Can you put a helicoil in?

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    My thought was helicoil too?


    Helicoil – how does that work then? Have had a look at the site.

    Do I tap the crank, then insert the coil and then screw the pedal into that? It could work. I expect that the pedal hole in the crank won’t be perpendicular – the pedal came out at quite an angle, so much so I thought that the pedal had bent but it turned out the crank hole had gone askew.

    I’ve seen SLX cranks for *non drive* side as spares. Would love to find a place selling the drive side but no luck yet.


    The get the SLX double M665: This crankset includes a “honeycomb” bash guard, a steel pedal thread insert and is claimed to be 100% stronger than the XT crankset.

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