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  • Shimano Slx 2013 (m675 model) brakes
  • What is the right price? (without rotors, but with all bolts and adapters)


    say 135 with adaptors, no rotors?(if that is what you were after)
    Edit: oh dear, forgot to put a price on the ad!

    No rotors or adaptors is £130


    For sells we have some Shimano Slx 2013 brakes.
    Having problems with flickr at the moment so photos can be found here for now.
    Photos of the brakes

    Main points:
    These were bought brand new in February 2013
    -2013 brakes (M675) – No rotors. (might sell with icetech rotors for right price)
    -Excellent power, can be used from downhill to light trail use.
    -Rather lightweight, handy for those fussy about heavy bikes.
    -Good modulation
    -Tool free lever adjust.
    -Very good condition!
    -Been used a handful of times with no problems
    -Still decent amount of pad life left.

    Other info:
    -Comes with manual and spare bits and pieces.
    -Reason for sale – prefer saints and want to get some.
    -Any questions, ask.
    -These go for £160+ normally.

    May sell with rotors for right price.

    Email at as i check that more often than here,

    Cheers Harry.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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