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  • hazza123

    For sells we have some Shimano Slx 2013 brakes.
    Having problems with flickr at the moment so photos can be found here for now.
    pictures here

    Main points:
    These were bought brand new in February 2013
    -2013 brakes (M675) – No rotors. (might sell with icetech rotors for right price)
    -Excellent power, can be used from downhill to light trail use.
    -Rather lightweight, handy for those fussy about heavy bikes.
    -Good modulation
    -Tool free lever adjust.
    -Very good condition!
    -Been used a handful of times with no problems
    -Still decent amount of pad life left.

    Other info:
    -Comes with manual and spare bits and pieces.
    -Reason for sale – prefer saints and want to get some.
    -Any questions, ask.
    -These go for £160+ normally.

    £120 for the pair w/o rotors, £165 with rotors (icetechs)

    Email at as i check that more often than here,

    Cheers Harry.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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