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    Shimano Singletrack Classic Weekender: Accommodation FAQ


    The campsite will be open from 1:00pm onwards on Friday July 8th.

    Camping is in the main arena. As it stands there’s likely to be more than one camping area – one very close to the arena and another one a bit further away (this latter one will probably be the ‘quiet’ campsite).

    There will be marshals on hand to guide you away from the areas you can’t pitch your tent. Please be aware that this is a quarry. You will be able to drive pegs in a bit but make sure you bring a hammer or mallet.

    Also bring a decent carry mat or airbed. It’s rocky! Cos it’s a quarry!

    There will be toilets and catering in the main arena.

    There will also be somewhere to lock you bike to in the arena. We’ll have a few locks on hand that you’re welcome to borrow but please bring your own if you have one so there’ll be enough to go around.

    You can park in the car park at the bottom of the hill but you can’t take your vehicle into the quarry. There will be a landrover on hand to help with ferrying of camping kit up the hill from this time on Friday.

    Only organisers and authorised trade vehicles will be allowed into the quarry.

    The lower car park will be patrolled by security guards for the duration of the weekend.


    You don’t have to camp in the event site. Many people prefer to stay in somewhere with a proper bed and hot and cold running water. Yes these people are clearly lightweights but we’ll not hold that against them.

    For a list of decent BnBs have a look at Visit Lancashire’s webpages –

    Local people:-

    Many locals will opt to pop back to their homes on Saturday night, which is fine and dandy.

    Be warned though, at previous events a great many locals have really not wanted to leave the Saturday evening’s festivities and socialising, and they’d wished that they’d brought their camping stuff with them.

    So if you’re local, think about bringing your camping stuff just in case you want to experience the whole Weekender thang.

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