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  • Magura brakes on bike A – pull lever, tighten screws, perfect alignment every time.

    New Shimano on bike B – why does above method not work?? Just spent hours ****ing about trying to get them right. The calliper moves as the screws are tightened just to add to the fun.

    Any tips for making this easier?

    Thanks in advance



    position the caliper by hand/eye and hold it as you tighten the bolt.

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    What Al said.

    In extreme cases ONLY you can use water pump pliers to firmly grip slippery caliper (be prepared for minor cosmetic damage if you have to resort to the pliers on caliper method). I have one mount /caliper combo.that seems extra slippy.


    stick a steel washer between the bolt washer and the caliper, then nip up the bolts alternately whilst holding the caliper in place. The steel washer stops the bolt washer from turning on the caliper and moving it as you tighten.


    Usually get the caliper close, then loosen one end at a time,and “walk” it into place. Never really understood the logic that a 2mm peice of flexible steel will hold a caliper steady against the torque applied by tightening the bolt (Bommer’s washer trick helps, but doesn’t usually erradicate it completely).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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