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  • Shimano Octalink BB spindle length for On One Inbred
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    In the first 1000 miles I have had 4 instances of chain suck due to a ‘filthy chain’. I have a theory that the chain is too close to the tyre when using the granny ring

    When chain suck occurs it is made worse by the fact that the gap between the frame and the granny ring is fractionally smaller than the chain width so if the chain heads towards the frame it get firmly wedged between the granny ring and the frame resulting in knackered paint and a lot of cursing while trying to remove it

    Does anyone know if a longer spindled assembly is available and if it would work and/or fix the problem? Looking at the various web shops (Wiggle, CRC etc) I can’t find details of spindle lengths 🙁


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    longer spindled assembly

    Longer than what? Are you maybe using a road/double chainset octalink BB (111 or 113mm spindle length) instead of a 118mm MTB/triple chainset one?

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    Is this the original hollowtech 1 octalink?

    There is a 121mm length you can get (I might have ordered an ES51 – xt/lx? – one by accident, sat in the shed) but when the shop tried to fit it they said it threw the chain out too much (this was on a EBB to an alfine though tbf).

    I don’t understand the spacing properly to know if one of them will help you. If you have paypal I could send it to you for postage and the price of a pint (btw, ireland I’ve no idea of postage, probs a fiver or so).

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    Standard is 68BBx113spindle but as OP says, that makes it a bit prone on mine to rub or jamming on the chainstay. It also means that the cage of your front mech is so close to the rear tyre that anything much bigger than 2.2 will rub when in granny. Ideally, a slightly longer spindle of around 118 would make all the difference, if you can find one… So, less likely to suck and catch, plus giving room for a wider rear tyre. Mine works ok with the 68×113 and a Maxxis Ardent 2.25 but it isn’t ideal. That tyre has reasonable volume as it’s tall for it’s width.

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