Shimano mw5 or mw7 winter boots

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  • Shimano mw5 or mw7 winter boots
  • Has anyone got either of these? Mw5 are cheaper but are the mw7 worth extra?

    Anything to report on them? Hopefully keep feet both dry and warm?

    I’m size 9 UK so assume I’ll probs want a eu45 for thicker socks too?

    Any help or thoughts appreciated

    Premier Icon kneed

    Before the MW7’s the approx equivalent was MW80s which I still have and recently got MW5’s as their replacement. So not an exact comparison but still….

    The MW5’s are slightly less warm and keep the water out just about the same : ie it can still run in the top.

    Where the MW5’s loose though: mine started to whiff pretty bad after a couple of weeks and I cant get rid of it. Not an issue with the much older MW80s.

    Fit on both is moderately narrow: I’m a 9 and got 45’s which is about right work with merino socks.


    I have MW7 you don’t need to size up! They are very warm and dry, probably too warm at the moment down er in South.


    ^What Sui says – I bought a size too big for the warm sock scenario and had to send them back and get my normal size as they were so big

    thanks folks, wondering if the mw7 are worth it – It can get extremely cold up the tops wheres local to me for riding so warmer the better, if they are lined warmer with being Gore-Tex could clinch it

    so sizing im size 9 uk, do I want a 44eu? is that the equivalent?


    I have Size 44 in Shimano, normal shoe 43. I have wider feet though.

    The MW7’s have been great, had them 3.5 years now. Can get a bit whiffy if you don’t get the neoprene dried out (the cuff). Detox/detol anti-bacterial spray works wonders. The shoes are a doddle to clean – hose off then a quick wipe with a sponge.

    I find them warm enough, even in Snow.


    I got some MW7’s after I returned some Northwave Raptors that had ripped away on the neoprene. They are warmer than the Northwaves as they have a much larger toe box. I like the Boa system and although its not been freezing I have rode to work a few times at 3 or 4 degrees and they are excellent. I am size 9 in shoes and went with a 44.

    Premier Icon dawson

    As per Filks – I bought a size up and had to send them back.

    I’m a 46 in Giro shoe, now got 46 MW701 and they are very roomy.

    Only got them last week so haven’t used them yet.

    ah great cheers – edging abit towards the mw7 now then, warmth is more key, I know they’ll be relatively waterproof regardless, but keeping warm toes in the depths is what gets to me

    good stuff on the sizing, will go for a 44 then if they are normal sizing

    any offers going anywhere that you have seen at all pleaseeee?


    Can’t comment on the Shimano shoes but in true STW style my Northwave Celcius boots are now are 7 years old and seemingly indestructible. One of the best bits of kit I’ve ever bought. have been £97 over the weekend with a discount applied when added to basket.

    Last winter, I thought these were going to be my weapon of choice, but I didn’t see any in EU 42/43 under ~£115 so I ended up not bothering (and to be fare, besides commutes, I barely rode outdoors last winter… Or the rest of this year!).

    Half tempted to order, as my 2006 Shimano sh-m121g are starting to perish on the front uppers and they are awful at keeping my feet warm when it gets proper cold on the south coast.

    Only problem is there’s a load of other cycling gear I’m eyeing up…


    Best I could find is Tweeks for £150 with 4.2% on TopCashBack. Tredz are £160 with same TCB. I cant fault Tredz tbh. They warrantied my Raptors after 13 months after they started falling apart. Didn’t have to as they were 1 month out but excellent service. I’m sure some will be along soon to say how sh$t they are!!

    stayhigh – weirdly that’s why im replacing, my artic gtx are just about done and I had them 7 years ago too, I dislike the sole on them though, its almost plastic which means they are awful to walk in

    the newer shimano ones have proper rubber souls which should make them feel relatively normal to walk in

    n0b0dy0ftheg0at – I don’t really get them tbh, they are just shoes, I can only imagine just how wet theyd get in the proper depths just like my normal summer shoes, albeit warmer, waters going to get in around the ankle, the purpose of boots for me means a lot of spray/puddle type water doesn’t get anywhere near the foot as they are much higher with the neoprene straps etc

    teamslug – maybe its worth waiting for the crappy black Friday soon, sure somewhere will have them with a bit of discount off

    I can get the mw5 for 112 quid (newest 2020 version) but think the mw7 maybe better in the long run being goretex

    Yeah, must admit besides price, my other reservation on those Northwaves were the ankle cut. are another option and Sigma have a “spend and save” promo OCT20 which brings these down to £85. Another bonus is they are 2- and 3-bolt compatible.


    I’m also using Grip Grab gaiters over my bib tights and over the collar of the boots to keep the wet out of my boots. So far so good and its been very wet.

    Premier Icon Beagleboy

    I treated myself to the MW7 boots last year as an upgrade to my tatty old MW80’s. They’re comfy and warm, however, they’re certainly not as waterproof as their predecessors. Under the big velcro flap there’s just a neoprene tongue, not the full leather tongue in the older boots. Makes getting them on and off a lot easier, but also means that any ‘over the hubs’ stream crossings, or up to the knee bog missteps (like yesterday), lets water in a lot quicker than the older styles

    Premier Icon Beagleboy

    Hmmm… I may be talking pish. Would have sworn mine were MW7’s ( I bought them a year or two ago), but looking at the pictures online, mine look more like MW5’s. I shall check when I get home tonight.


    I had MW5s, which were great when new (really kept my feet dry fro an impressive length of time in terrible conditions when they were new).

    They didn’t stay so impressive though, and after about a year the sole had split. Got Northwave, which are looking to be in better shape though I don’t think they’re a year old yet, they still keep everything dry.

    beagleboy – theres a new plain black version of the mw7 out for 2020 – the 2018/19 version does look like the mw5 version

    really torn, my northwaves have last 5 solid winters, so I have had good life out of them, but they are mega pricey for the equivalent now, I had the artic gtx version, which are toasty warm, but do feel really really clumpy, and the sole is brick hard meaning walking on ice and crap terrain in winter is shit, they may well have changed to rubber now I guess….

    anyways back on track, can anyone confirm if the mw7 are worth it over the mw5?


    My only thought would be that the new Nortwave Raptors have a neoprene collar and its a PITA to get your foot in and out. I would say I’ve got pretty average size 9’s not wide or fat but the collar pulled away and for a £200 pair of boots I was hoping for more than 13 months ( about 6 months or actually using them).

    from memory mine artic gtx (2011 circa) have got a neoprene collar, and I cant think of any issues with it tbh, I think all of the winter boots have a neoprene collar looking at the pics, unless im missing something

    think ill ride it out for a few weeks yet, and see if I can get a pair of the mw7 in the black Friday sale, hopefully not have a use for them before then

    if anyone sees and deals knocking around before/around then please do mention on here

    cheers for all the help


    Yeh most winter boots have a neoprene collar. What I’m getting at is that it doesn’t split with a Velcro fastener or the like. It’s a one piece collar like a wet suit which you have to push your foot thru, it obviously needs to be a tightish fit and this means giving it a real pull to get it on. Poor design if you ask me.

    Oh right Yeh that sounds daft.. Especially when the neoprene goes all crusty after days of drying out… Asking for trouble if theres no split or velcro..

    My northwaves defo have a split and velcro…

    I’m sticking with shimano, I’ve been really impressed by the am9 shoes I’ve ridden in all summer so I’ll get some mw7 this time just need pounce on a deal

    Premier Icon Beagleboy

    Just checked and mine are MW7’s, albeit an older model. Have a look at them before you pull the trigger. I like mine, but was still disappointed at the loss of waterproofing compared to my old MW80’s.

    Will do cheers I had mw80 before the northwave but the sole split on them… Think I got 4 years out of them and I was riding way more then too


    The neoprene on the latest mw7s is split so a doddle to get feet in and out of. Also the rubber sole is proper grippy on wet slippy stuff. I’ve ridden through son axel deep puddles and my feet have stayed warm and dry even with the water dripping down my legs. It was the first time at the weekend almost ever that my feet were actually warm when the rest of me was freezing.

    just a quick final question before ordering :

    sizing :

    I have some older mw80 circa 2011 ive just tried on in size 45, they are about right even with normal everyday socks

    I have some new shimano am7s in size 44 which fit spot on, obviously a size smaller than my old boots, but 8 years difference in models and ones a winter boot, so have the boots drastically changed for anyone whose owned the older boots too?

    or do I stick and play it safe with the size 45 of my previous mw80?

    £131 on bikeinn in case you haven’t seen

    Also contemplating some as my MW81’s are now falling apart

    The previous incarnation didn’t get the best of reviews here but doesn’t really put me off too much

    The best clipless MTB winter shoes you can buy

    yep that’s where ive seen them too

    I guess ill just buy the same size as my mw81 given they fit me fine, sure they wont have changed the sizing overly….(hopefully!)

    just an update – ordered mw7 in size 45eu (being a uk size 9), and they bloody mahoooosive!!! even with thick socks on they are huge

    so unless you have really odd shaped feet id stick with what ever normal size your shoe is if you are buying shimano winter boots

    size 44 to arrive today hopefully these will fit much better

    on the plus side they are exactly what im after, the sole is proper rubber like my everyday summer spd shimano shoe, they are nice and fitting and not clumpy (obviously size aside), and generally feel like a summer shoe but with the warmth and cuff of a winter boot

    just hoping the 44’s fit now!

    Premier Icon lovewookie

    I have MW500’s and yes, don’t size up, they’re roomy.

    They’re good, and warmer than the diadora boots I had before, however the speed lacing is IMO a bit rubbish. It, like all lace ups, doesn’t really allow for loosening at the toe, for instance. A 2 or 3 strap system is much better.
    Secondly, if like me youre tempted to pull the neoprene velcro bit to get the flap of the shoe open, don’t. expecially when wet. The flap will split. You need to be quite gentle with it.


    Hi Mate,

    After my North Waves gave up I tried the new versions with the Boa.They were really gappy around the top and the Boa system was crap. So then I spent ages trying to find a new boot that was just as warm and comfortable. I tried the Mavic Pro Thermo but they’re not very warm, too narrow and… the Boa was crap again. I then tried the Shim(t)mano’s and they just soaked up water like a sponge and fell apart and guess what… another crap Boa system.

    I’ve now settled on the Scott Heater boots. Nearly as warm as the Arctic’s, very water proof, a sole you can walk on and… no bloody Boa system. They remind me of the early Northwave boots when they were good. Only down side is they smell of cat wee when they’re drying out !

    Yo mate,

    bugger ive just got the mw7 with the boa and they fit me like a glove in 44, real comfy…..bugger ive not had the boa before, I like the idea of no soggy wet soaking laces, but in reality sounds like its up to the job of winter shit!

    if these give up the ghost and fall apart I will have a look at those scott heaters, they do look decent and sole looks very rubbery and grippy which is one of the main things im after (waterproof/warm aside) assuming sizing is all good ill look into them, not seen them before!

    like you say the original ones we all had were ace, laces, warm, only downside I ever had to them was the clumpy plasticy sole made walking awful on them

    hopefully the mw7’s ive got wont fall apart they’ve got a real good michellin rubber sole, feels like a normal shoe, hopefully wont fall apart though…if not ill have a look into those ones


    Just watch that Boa against.. well anything ! I ripped a couple off, one against the timber bridge in the little woods just before Taxal. You can buy spares but it’s not a trail side fix.


    Other than colour, are the MW5 and MW500 the same?


    Anyone see the MW7 on sale anywhere?

    Cold toes after lunch ride!


    Premier Icon hazmo

    Tredz had them at £130 plus £5 discount a week or so ago. I.picked some up and they have been great. Size wise, i’ve got 45 in am9’s and went for the same in the mw7’s. At first i thought they may be a bit big, but after a couple of gloopy and cold rides, they have been fab. Recommended but don’t size up.

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