Shimano GRX – swapping brake hoses over

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  • Shimano GRX – swapping brake hoses over
  • Morning all – looking at getting a GRX set-up for my gravel bike, and the best deal I can find on shifters/brakes is a European set up (LH front brake/RH rear) rather than the usual UK set-up – has anyone had any and if so, is it a reasonably easy swap over of hoses and a re-bleed or is there some hidden horror I might not be expecting?


    Mine came without the hoses attached to the hoods, only being attached to the calipers. Assuming this is to enable internal cable routing…

    Make sure the internal olive hasn’t rotated during transportation, and that you have a 8mm spanner for doing up the compression bolt thing.

    Great thanks, so just a case of swapping over at the calipers then, which (should) be easy enough – or could just throw at the LBS and get them to fit them


    Yeah, there’s a high likelihood the calipers and levers are supplied using a J Kit, so you can just connect them up however you want.

    If not, it’s a fairly simple process and doesn’t normally involve a bleed.

    * edit; the J Kit is a mid-hose joint, there is a short “tail” of hose at the lever end.

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    as easy as any other shimano hydraulic brifter, as in easy. ou’ll probably want to shorten the hoses anyway to fit your bike. if it’s a proper set rather than OEM grey import without the proper packaging it’ll come with spare olives and inserts.

    Thanks all – first time with road type hydraulics, and just concerned there might be some nasty surprise!

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    If you need to bleed them then try this:

    I followed this video when I installed a set of Ultegra hydraulic brakes a while ago and it worked perfectly.

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