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  • Shimano Flat Bar Levers w/ TRP Hy/Rd?
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    Before I start pulling things apart, is there any reason why Shimano flat bar brake levers (cable) wouldn’t work with TRP Hy/Rd?

    Going back to a flat bar on my Bootzipper and this is the quickest and cheapest way I can get some brakes on it (already have the parts).

    Premier Icon cp
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    If the flat bar levers are designed for road brake rim calipers (or old school mtb rim cantilevers) then they’d work perfectly with your hy rds.

    If they are MTB levers nominally used with v brakes then they will work but will feel wooden and lacking in power as the lever pulls more cable so you have less mechanical leverage at the caliper.

    Premier Icon johnw1984
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    I think they are designed for road rim brakes (used previously with v brakes too).

    Nice one, I’ll chuck them on and give it a try. It’s only for local blasts on a single speed, I think I nearly got 350ft of elevation in 13 miles yesterday!

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