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  • Shimano Electronic shifting on mtb
  • What happened to it? Pretty much standard on high end road bikes now but I’ve still only seen it on a single Mtb that was actually in use.


    It’s still there, there’s MTB Di2 for sale on Wiggle/CRC, but maybe folk don’t want to be shelling out a couple of hundred quid every time they prang a rear mech.

    I’ve not knowingly seen it on any MTB whether in a showroom or out on the trail.

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    I’ve just ridden for a couple of days (in the Alps) on a borrowed ebike (Orange Alpine e6) fitted with XT Di shifting. I have to say, it was great to use. Worked flawlessly for me.

    Would I pay the money for it? Probably not. It was good, but mechanical shifting is pretty good too and the electronic rear mechs are a frightening amount of money to be twatting off rocks on a regularly basis.

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    Works really well, had it on my last bike but it’s not really viable without full internal routing which the new one doesn’t have.

    Replaced with XTR 12 speed and the shift of the mechanical is much better until it’s covered in mud, the Di2 jist kept feeling the same whereas the cable setup gets a bit clunky.


    I have Di2 on my mtb it works well all the time every time , mines set up with a button on each side next to the grip. Left my up right for down.
    Was it worth the money ??? Not sure.

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    I recall a demo at Fort Bill a few years back- the most impressive thing was the front mech trimming when you shifted the rear gears … er, front mech..? Seems pretty pointless for the expense.

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    Of course these things are not WORTH the money. They great things and work brilliantly and if you have the cash to splash then go for it, you don’t have to justify the purchase to anyone. However the are ultimately a gadget and though I never worry about damaging a rear mech on a rock…it’s never happened to me before even when I rode 26″ wheeled bikes and 3x group sets where the jockey cage got very very close to the ground, I do have signs of the odd graze on them, so they obviously do catch things I’m not aware of…most likely when I lay the bike on the ground clumsily rather than taking that tight switchback at high speed or threading the bike between two boulders at speed. I suspect these things are more robust than we give them credit for. I certainly wouldn’t worry about breaking a £200+ mech on a rock out on the trail any more than I would putting a hole or crack in a £3k carbon frame. By the nature of their use MTB’s are highly likely to get damaged through use so therefore are basically sacrificial so don’t use what you can’t afford to break. I’d have it on my road bike but not on my MTB, and if I did I’d go SRAM and not have to bother with wires being threaded all over the place and junction boxes and batteries squirrelled away in the frame.

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