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  • lemonysam

    Spring, no
    Not had to bleed them yet


    I’ve just treated myself to a new set of SLX from Merlin (v cheap BTW) and probably should have asked these questions before hand…

    1. I take it replacement pads are available without the cooling fins from other manufacturers and they still work well?

    2. How do pads stay in contact with retracting pistons – ie: magnetic pistons or spring clip thingie? If the latter, does one need to retain the clip from original pads for future use?

    3. Which bleed kit to buy? The ones I’ve seen seem to be just a squeezy bottle and a tube.

    4. The brakes are going on a Handjob – will I need to shorten the hoses before fitting (I’ve bought preassembled bake set from Merlin).

    Thanks in advance


    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    The replacement pads will have springs included. The bleed process is pretty simple, the kits on eBay are fine. You simply unscrew the bleed port on the reservoir , and attach the relevant syringe to the bleed valve on the caliper and squeeze.
    You will need to shorten the rear, as the original is 1700 mm. You’ll find it a lot more straightforward than you think.

    We’ve just launched our 2012 Shimano bleed kit which will solve your bleed problems.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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