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  • a well known problem.

    Which one?

    I’ve no experience of Rose warranty dept- and generally that’s where your contract / warranty would lie if they were UK based, but all of the leaky Shimano calipers I had fail were replaced instantly with the latest generation (via Merlin – although slowly).

    #Edit: Anyway I have no idea of Rose actually send them back to Shimano, or if you’ve put olive oil in there, or anything else, but I think your question really should be about Rose.

    And lastly I’m not being critical or anything. I’ve got Reverbs from Germany that SRAM have honoured the warranty for – via UK shops with no quibbles. But you and I are both pushing the distributer boundary / envelope a bit and sometimes I guess it wont work out.


    Rose customer service is gash, I doubt I’d buy from them again.

    The problem being they just pull straight to the bar. It’s something to do with the plunger.

    I agree it pushing the boundaries but they do over then for sale with warranty. It’s Rose I returned to. They claim to have returned to shimano.

    I to, will never give them a penny again.


    Magura used to get a strop on if anything other than Magura oil was used.
    You could always email Madison the uk shimano distributor. But your warranty/contract is with rose not shimano

    Fire up a bombers comment on to their facebook page and see if they are more forth coming.

    It’s something to do with the plunger.

    Yes I’ve heard of that one too.

    Are you in the UK Larry? Did you pay by credit card / paypal?

    Do you have a relationship with an LBS? Someone you bought a bike from locally / EU etc?

    I wonder if people could tell me if I am being reasonable?

    I purchased some brakes from (XT) they are in awesome condition but the lever just pulls to the bars. I bleed them this did not do a thing. A quick search has pointed to it being a well known problem.
    So I returned to rose. Brakes have returned today not fixed or replaced with a service note saying shimano returned as ‘shimano oil was not used’ That’s all nothing else
    So I did use shimano oil and even so what if I had used another brand of mineral oil.

    Anyone come up against this before? I bought them in April. Am I being reasonable to expect them to honour the warranty?

    I am going to wait until they replie I my email. Then I will become a pain on their FB page….


    Had loads of hassle with Rose and returning some XT brakes (leaky banjo issue). Took ages to replace and cost me a fortune in return postage, which I had to pay and then reclaim from the UK rep (Si) who then ignored me totally and I gave up in the end. Wouldn’t use again.


    I guess you get what you pay for including customer service. So what oil did you use?


    Have you tried dropping the wheel out & pumping the lever trick?

    I have never used any of the new shimano brakes, but on the old XT’s, the lever would usually pull to the bar after a re bleed.

    The trick was to remove the wheel/rotor and pull the lever a bit to move the pistons/pads out slightly, then top the reservoir up with fluid.

    Perhaps you need to do this?

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    As the last two people have said. You need to do this. I bled mine several times but were useless until I did that.


    Should be no reason to bleed it just the pop the wheel out trick

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    sounds like a rose problem, either try the wheel out thing or try a LBS to see what they say – be prepared to pay though.


    Strange, Rose bike warranty returns were fantastic when I used them. To fix a mistake that I made on ordering, they couldn’t have been better & was quicker than some UK mail order companies I’ve dealt with. They include a free return label in the packaging.

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    That’s a pretty specific reason for turning down the warranty request. Are you sure you used the correct mineral oil?

    Had an issue with my XTs, one was from Rose and one from CRC. Both callipers were gubbed, CRC sent to Madison and I got a warranty replacement. Rose said it wasn’t a valid warranty claim and would do no more about it (other than repeatedly trying to sell me a new calliper) After much arguing via email, they agreed to send me a new calliper, half price. Add on the cost of returning it to Germany and it’s not far off the price of a new one in the UK.

    I didn’t get the impression that they had sent them to Shimano. Seems to have just been their in-house guys that looked at them. The basically said “we sell lots of these brakes and haven’t had any returned with this issue before, so it must be something that you’ve done and not a faulty calliper’. Funny how Madison didn’t agree and replaced the other one, no questions asked.

    No I used shimano oil.

    No pistons don’t even twitch. Tried the dropped wheel before I sent them back.

    It’s bollocks they are just fobbing me off.
    I for one will never buy from them again and I will tell all mates not to, as I tend to build all our groups bikes that’s a lot of kit.


    am going to wait until they replie I my email. Then I will become a pain on their FB page….

    Good luck. it took them a month to reply to my email after I’d been chasing them up regarding the brake I sent back. Then another month to receive my replacement, with no word from them since their first reply to me.

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    ScotRoutes wrote:

    Are you sure you used the correct mineral oil?

    [quote=larrythelathe ]No I used shimano oil.
    [/quote] ❓

    Sorry I used shimano mineral oil

    Quick update

    After asking for proof they went back to shimano rose have issued a refund. Read into that what you will


    I read that they did not return them

    I am also somewhat uncertain as to how they will be able to prove it is not Shiamno oil that was used.
    Do they keep samples of every batch they send or something then tested yours against this database

    At least I know why they are so cheap and I will be wary of purchasing anything that is not just a bit.

    Junkyard that’s the aim of my post 😉

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    Magura brakes use mineral oil as well. They call their mineral oil “Royal Blood”, and it is blue in color. From what I see online, Shimano’s oil looks red. I’ll bet that other brands are different colors, too.

    So a technician could possibly tell that the wrong oil was used based on color. I’m not suggesting that the OP used the wrong oil, though.


    Warranty bs apart though, surely any mineral oil will work wont it? It’s not like you’ve put dot fluid in there is it? Ergo the brakes should still be replaced if they don’t work.

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    Thread has wrong title. Should be “Rose bikes disappointment”

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