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  • christof

    So i need to put some new brakes, front and rear, on the hard tail. I don’t want to spend a fortune and have come across these on tweek cycles.

    The deore will come in at £90 for both and the SLX at £112.

    Is it worth the saving of £22 and going for the cheaper ones?

    Cheers, Chris


    I just bought a set of Deore, only had them out once but they were great. CRC had the set for £80~ish, Halfords had them for £85~ish but have (or at least had) a 3 for 2 on, so got a new set of knee pads too. They also price match on-line folk too.


    I’ve got both – the 615 on my xc HT and the SLX on my Bfe. SLX have tooless reach adjustment and can take a proper pad retainer pin (bought separately). To me the Deore look better with the latest black enamel and seem to have better modulation. Apart from that its difficult to tell if SLX are worth the extra in terms of stopping power as I run 160/160 and 203/180 discs. I suspect not.


    I bought SLX last time around but would definitely go Deore if I was buying again. I don’t need the tool less reach adjust so the knobs are just two more parts to break, plus the slight saving is nice of course.

    83 pounds posted from BD:
    (probably not the best deal around judging by the posts above)


    Have owned both and imho the difference in performance is negligible. Even compared to XT there’s no fundamental difference in stopping power

    The only thing I would say is that good as the Deores are, they have a workmanlike look-and-feel to them which may or may not matter to you. In the usual way, the SLXs go some way towards improving on this but it’s not until you get to XT and the rarefied atmosphere of XTR than it becomes clear how much of a bargain-basement brake the Deores are. But if you can live with that, functionally they are great brakes – just don’t look at them too closely!


    Thanks all, just ordered the deore from CRC. Also got some xmas presents to knock them up to £100 for the £10 off

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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