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  • Shimano brakes with Avid rotors – work OK?
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    I have XT brakes with Avid wavy rotors.
    I found one of the rotors clipped a part of the caliper (something like the pad retaining pin) which made a clicking noise so I had to space it out a mm or so with washers. Think it was the front brake.
    Otherwise work perfectly.


    I found that the avid rotor generated a lot more heat, which was detrimental to brake performance. This was about 5yrs ago though, so the disc designs and materials may have been updated now.


    Thanks Brakes, just what I wanted to hear. I feel inclined to trust your judgement for some reason…

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    i’ve got an avid 185mm on the rear with an XT caliper. It took a bit of setting up to line the pad up to the barking surface but since then no problem and no issue with excess heat despite me being a big jessie and hitting the brakes everywhere


    Tried to find this on the forum search but no luck. Any issues to expect using Avid rotors with shimano brakes? I have 183mm front and 160mm rear. Am aware that adaptors are in order to make it all fit. Is the rotor width OK, and does that extra 3mm make any difference?

    Thanks in advance.


    Have used G3CSs with M595s and M596s. Shimano have some servo-wave action going on compared to Avids and the pads seem to retract further but move quite a lot to begin with. When used with slightly thicker Avid rotors the Shimano brakes feel grabby.

    Have not had this issue when using the same brakes with RT76 rotors


    I feel inclined to trust your judgement for some reason…

    my username is a forced adaptation of my surname, perhaps ironically I am NEVER happy with how my brakes work. the XTs I have are currently top of the 4 sets of brakes that I have (also includes Avids and Maguras), but that’s probably because they are working.


    they are all the same material and diameter, and will all be the same thickness at some point through their life, so will all work the same!

    Ice Tech rotors will be different as different materials.

    What I have found is that a rotor with a lot of holes (less metal) gives worse braking performance than one with fewer holes.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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