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  • XT and SLX appear to be nearly the same price at CRC, but the Deore’s are a fair chunk cheaper. Is there much in it between the three of them performance wise?

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    I have both Deore and XT. Apart from the lever sdjustment on the XT, they don’t seem different really.
    The Deores are great.
    If I bought again, I’d probably go SLX.


    i purchased XT, because i wanted some higher up the food chain, and they were shiny!

    performance, from everything i have read is the same!!?


    I’ve recently sold my XTs, but I’ve kept my Deores. They’re both great, and there are minor differences in features and build quality, but to me, not worth the price gap. The Deore 596 is one of the best value bits of kit on the market.


    I bought some Deore 596’s from Kimbers off here a couple of weeks ago, from a new bike, used once or twice. £60 posted and they are amazing. I have M675 SLX’s on my other bike and there’s next to no difference in performance.


    The latest 616 deore build quality to me looks even better than the slx.

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    I really like Deores. Decided to give them a punt on my new build and very glad I did. Used Hope X2’s for ages and now considering selling them and buying the down grade…

    I’ve just got Deore on a new bike. As a long time Hope fan I was very tempted to change them at the weekend as the Halfords deal was so good but couldn’t justify it as the Deore’s are worth nowt second hand but work so well. Very happy with them.


    I’ve got new deores,and very slightly older xt, slx and xtr. Deore all the way for value for money! xtr for shinyness though

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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