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  • Shimano AM40 issues
  • dan1980

    I’ve had a pair of AM40s for about a year now, used probably on about 75% of weekends and the odd night ride so lets say about 100 days use in total, in all conditions (mud/snow/dust etc)

    The white material (leather?) is cracking and breaking into bits all over the shoes, and the rubber at the heel on one of the shoes has started to peel away. The sole has broken into bits in places to

    Am I expecting to much of them to have lasted longer?

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Mine have split at the sides and the pedal pins have worn through the sole after two and a half years regular use.
    Pretty good really.
    Lasted a lot longer than most trainers or running shoes do off the bike.

    Do you stick them in the washing machine? Might make a difference.

    If not, might be worth speaking to Madison.


    what the hell are you doing to them?!

    my 40’s are … 2? 3? years old, and have only just started wearing in, they’re a long way from wearing out.

    as spanner points out: shoes don’t like washing machines…


    Mine are 2 years old and falling apart, just stuck the sole back on last night with no nails!! not been near a washing machine.

    mind, not had a bike shoe last more than 2 years, so not complaning to much.

    Premier Icon dustypumpkins

    I’ve had mine 4 months and the sole’s wrecked. Keep meaning to send an e-mail to Madison.


    Thanks, they’ve never been anywhere near a washing machine, and when they’ve gotten wet, I’ve stuffed them with paper and let them dry naturally.

    Will email Madison and see what they have to say.

    Mister P

    They will say take them back to the place of purchase who can return them for warranty inspection.

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