Shimano 8-speed shifters anywhere?

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  • Shimano 8-speed shifters anywhere?
  • Alivio is going 9 speed so get your 8 speed alivio shifters now.


    Which would be no upgrade!

    If he needs a new drivetrain at the same time he could go 9s though it's pricier than 8s. Only low end 8s available these days.


    A neighbour has asked me to look at his son's bike to fix a few bits that his son has tried but failed to maintain. That's no problem.

    The only requirement is to possibly upgrade the shifters.

    It currently has Alivio 8 speed combined shifter/v-brake lever units.

    He can't afford discs so i was wondering if it was worth getting some separate shifters (possibly LX) and brake levers. However 8 speed stuff seems to be really hard to acquire.

    Any pointers to somewhere that sells 8 speed shifters or an alternative approach? Yes, I've tried google but I'm coming up blank. No, he doesn't want a singlespeed.


    Possibly the greatest shifters ever!!!

    Oh & yes even though they are officially 7 speed they do have an eight click, or is that seventh?


    I have an 8spd XT shifter and an 8spd XT cassette going if they are any use, £12 posted for both?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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